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  • norrishappy norrishappy Feb 13, 2012 12:49 PM Flag

    OT Tradional Democrats

    Page a13 WSJ
    Puerto Rico’s Gov wants to move electrical generation from oil to cheaper and cleaner American natural gas. Saving the poorest Americans more than 50% of their electricity bills. Not to mention encouraging business investment and jobs.
    But because American ship yards do not make LNG tankers the Jones Act makes it impossible.
    Truman Democrats call the Gov. We want our union members to build ships! We want American natural gas jobs. We want the ships to be manned by Americans.
    OK this is win/win/win. If no one pigs out every one will win. That is what an American President is supposed to do just like Truman.
    We will all have to fight with the irrational Sierra Club which is blocking progress not for safety or the environment but solar panels made in China. We need to get them back to being rational and responsible people or push them out of the way. It would be better for America if SC became more honest with themselves and us.
    Lower cost, higher American living standards, American jobs all over the place. Don’t let Progressive spin their deceptions. Economics is almost always this simple.
    You know Fortuno would be really clever if he could figure out how to get P.R. as a test bed for natural gas personal cars. :-). What our auto union members should be working on win/win.

    It is never traditional American to play zero sum games. We need to get back to basics.

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    • Well I wish you a nice goodbye.

      "But methanal needs ethanal for stabalization"

      YOu can run off luanching one last purposeful falsehood. I was not expecting more of you so no disappointment.

      But you should not make the mistake like Ron^3 that ignore is an effective shield so you can maintain personal deception; intentional or not, and childish spiteful sniping.

      It will be interesting to see how long you can really last. More soulless avitars do count and it will be interesting to see what Stagg's Opinions morphs into. I would bet on early arrival.

    • Hey Norris bye. Till you get out of your mind set about me. We No longer need to communicate.

      I can talk with gro now. Once i read his post about alt energy.

      I have already said we made a mistake about ethanal/ But methanal needs ethanal for stabalization/ So we should do away with methanal and go straight to nat gas as well. 85% of etahnal is processed by nat gas driven factories. So it is pretty cheap to produce [now]

      I know the story. As do many many americans know this story. But i don't like your anger issues about politics. This is a nat gas board not a political driven board.

      So have fun ruining the SFL board along with stagg.

      The CEO from DVN was awesume tonight. I believe the prez is getting the point about xl. He needs to Sh__ or get off the john.

    • No Stagg's opinions.

      I can understand why you feel defensive all the time. If I was an emotion driven person the same could happen to me.
      The fact is there is no logical reason for ethanol production from corn and it only exists by purposefully keeping fellow Americans misinformed. Stagg’s Opinions knows this and is upset when his carefully crafted talking points from Obama’s crony capitalist campaign donors falls apart.
      So yes I do understand why denial of your selfish impulses makes you feel defensive. But Free Speech is not to protect your emotions but insure reason eventually prevails.

    • You always put people on the defensive. This is why people get irritated with your mentality.

      You think most americans don't inderstand that is your first mistake. Don't be so quick to convist people.

      would have settled for it takes 1.5 gallons of ethanol to equal the energy value of ! gallons of gasoline.

      Obvioudly you couldn't of settled for this statement for i told you ihad said this many times last week.

      Again your problem is you put to many people on the defensive. Therefore you get the replies that you deserve. Once you realise this fact you will be a much happier person. Know one cares to be put down and put on the defensive by your beligerant attitude.


    • Natural gas fired factories are used 85% of the time to make ethanal related products. What can't you understand?

      Do you mean if we directly used the natural gas as sruface fuel rather than power the ethanol STILLS we would have natural gas left over and no bogus but all to real ethanol food inflation centered in dairy and meat? That we could make a real 30% reduction in emmissions rather than the bogus 'accept' claims corn based ethanol results in any reduction?

      I would have settled for it takes 1.5 gallons of ethanol to equal the energy value of ! gallons of gasoline. But you can add the above too.

      Just because you maybe deluded and mean spirited enough to make this a childish game that does not make it so. This is adult level stuff and most Americans remain completely unaware.

    • Then i suggest you run for office and see what yopu can done in your own home state.

      Norris, it is a NO brainer. The statement is what it is. Natural gas fired factories are used 85% of the time to make ethanal related products. What can't you understand?

      You are right you wrote a bogus statement about me and can't fess up to that statement was bogus.

      Ethanal sudsidies are going to the wayside. As Boone Pickens just said in an interview, we have drilled ourselves out of the oil crisis.

      Now we need the xl pipeline, which i bet you norris, will be passed this year. Then what will you beeeech about.

      nonsense stops after all this waste.

      You are the one being nonsensical. You ask me to post that 1.5 gals are used to produce 1 gal of gas. Which i did several times last week and gave you a repost.

      Just exactly how old are you.

      Your way of answering a question with a demand question is becoming very tiresome.

      You need to become more transparent when answering questions. I am beginning to wonder if maybe you are just an immature spoiled brat on a puter.

      Your actions point to yes.

    • Corn based ethanol is not just corruption but insanity which has destablized the world and nothing has changed which would keep it from doing so again. Not giving alway $6 billioin to Obama's special interest is an improvement but not what makes this so very dangerious.

      Best case is special interests keep stealing from our working and poor classes. Not acceptible to this traditional Democrat.

      I have no idea what this 85% nonsense is. Nor does it meet the need for a clear statement so this nonsense stops after all this waste.

      This is no game for me.

    • Why do you insist on playing this foolish game

      What the f more do you want.

      I posted what you wanted to see. You are still wanting to fight. What is wrong with you. The statement was made on a website about the 1.5 and that nat gas is used 85% of the time to make ethanal related products. What the hell. Are you just hard headed and a defiant person.

      Why can't you answer your accusation towards me?

      You are the one playing foolish games. You are not being a stand up person. rather you are being a person that said something and can't prove anything. Come on SA lets here why i am dishonest and deceptive?

    • "You are correct on the 1.5 but nat gas is used 85% to make ethanal. So we have plenty of nat gas. I see you are picking out the bad vs the good."

      No the GOVERNMENT FORCE of corn based ethanol mandates set at mooncalf levels by Obama, Pelosi and Reid determine how much ethanol Americans MUST buy. Nothing to do with me unfortunately.

      There was alsorts of cell ethanol corruption but fortunately Obama's cronies ran off with our 'investment' as they could even produce 'advanced' ethanol to sell us. Oh but they made Brazil sugar cane ethanol 'advanced' for no reasonable reason except it would further protect corn based ethanol corruption.

      Heck I am easy. Keep the 'clean air mandates' but allow consumers to chose either superior and less expesnive methanol blends rather than corn or 'advanced' ethanol products. As American consumers are rational inteligent people this is all that is necessary.

      Why do you insist on playing this foolish game?

    • You are free to feel however your emotions take you.
      But it is Stagg not hiding behind his opinions which needs to come forward like a real American

      So Stagg was in fact wrong in every important detail of his claims? If you agree you should walk back you post head line should you not?

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