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  • norrishappy norrishappy May 4, 2012 10:52 AM Flag

    Natural Gas

    Rigs directed toward natural gas were down 18 at 613. The number of rigs currently drilling for gas is 269 lower than last year's level of 882.

    The question no one knows is the amount of associate gas from new drilling. It certainly does not help with the economy clearly slowing on the horrible jobs report.

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    • Thank you! ;-)

    • rp,

      There was no more telling point than the Dow Ethanol mishap of norris's.

      He made what I believe was an honest mistake and typed ethanol instead of ethylene. The whole context of what he and I were discussing centered around NGLs, including ethane and propane.

      I called him out on his mistake and he resorted to trying to find something to cover his mistake, even though it was years old and was nothing more than a tiny pilot plant that has since been moved to Florida.

      He couldn't be seen as having made a mistake, afterall, it is he that is supposed to correct everyone elses mistakes, so that he can maintain his self appointed board controller/censor status.

      I ruffle his feathers and don't tolerate his childish prattle. I call it like it is. When I say a deal is made to cover DCF shortfall due to falling hedges, I call it like it is.

      Notice no one cared to fight the fact that Linn said each GW well added $.015/unit/yr/well to to DCF. A "mere" 150 wells would add $2.25/unit to the distribution and with wells at $8 million a pop, that would be $1.2 billion (or exactly how much they spent on the Hugoton deal that added maybe $.20/unit in DCF long term). They don't like facts.

    • rrb you are correct in that any answer will be incorrect, and if you prove it, it will be ignored and you will be slandered on some other topic.

      Case in point, when Norris touted Dow's participation in the algae project, it had to be politically correct and on track, etc.

      BUT, when the truth about it came out, what happened? Nothing but silence.

      Sounds pretty narcissistic to me. I guess when monkeys look in the mirror they don't know what to do.

    • rp,

      I would love to have quality dialogues on this message board, but the self appointed owners will have none of it. They must control all threads.

      Now I am being attacked for posting a link to the LyondellBasell presentation and he makes up crap about why I didn't comment on the impact of higher IP rates and changing ngl composition stream.

      Gee norris, if I had commented on those things, you would have attacked them as well. I guess next I will be attacked for not commenting on the moon last night. Same old boring and tired m.o.

      Attack all messages and stifle all discusiion on the message board. the board used to have very strong and engaging dialogue but most posters have been run off by the self appointed board censors.

    • I like how you make stuff up to argue about.

      What do you specifically want to DISCUSS regarding the changing composition of ngls coming to market? The quantity of ethane? The quantity of propane? The NGL pricing disparity between Conway and Mt Belvieu?

      The lack of ethane outlets in Appalachia and the myriad of projects proposed to bring that ethane to the Gulf Coast.

      Speak up man.

      I am all for a real dialogue but you are more interested in attacking every post.

      This board has a lot of potential if you would stop attacking and let ideas be exchanged and quality threads to flourish and get developed.

    • A monkey's face gets red when his hand is caught in the cookie jar.

      How does Norris monkey feel?

    • No response, because you never actually asked a question.

      Typical m.o.

      Blame the OLB when all else fails and you have no rebuttal...blame the fictitious olb.

    • Who are talking too? Who are the only folks who acknowledge you?

      Relatively clever for a monkey to avoid the relanve of the information you presented so as to avoid being completely exposed like on investment math and concepts, economics and now the significance of the changing stream of ng production.

    • The OLB gathers for a nice round of chanting.

      No answer of the significance of IP and decline rates relative to market expectations and the change in the price of natural gas?

      Every one of the board knows you are looking stuff up without understanding. ;-)

    • rp,

      What I find funny is that norris's m.o. is so clear.

      He wants to control the board. He is compelled to attack any post from a knowledgeable poster other than his cronies so that he can try to maintain/sustain his self appointed board authority status.

      He likes to lump anyone that disagrees with him into some sort of fantasy 'occupy line board' group that he seems to think are also Obama supporters.

      Which to me is altogether funny because I happen to think Obama is the worst thing to ever happen to our country. If you go back in the history, he doesn't attack my messages that agree with him on Obama.

      I don't always agree with him on investments and E&P issues but I fully agree with norris on Obama being awful for our country (and capitalism, the Amrican Dream, American Exceptionalism, hard work vs hand-outs etc).

      As I said, norris is very transparent. He wants to control the board and anyone that disagrees with his investment beliefs must be attacked. He tries to immediately paint said individual as inferior to him, as a know-nothing. He seldom uses facts, but instead prefers to use a board brush when painting his attack. He insinuates, he pretends that you are so wrong that it isn't worth his time to show you where you went wrong (and thus doesn't get forced to prove his allegations).

      If he is such an authority, why not post positive and thought provoking comments on the LYB presentation?

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