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  • sundancekid222 sundancekid222 May 10, 2012 4:25 PM Flag



    When are you getting back into LINE again hard charger?
    Its a logical choice.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • You are iompossible..............never mind,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Bush giving into Pelosi/Reid on the 2007 Energy bill is the perfect example of why ‘working’ together is a canard.
      We are all greatly benefitting from the drilling permits Bush traded the Progressive for ‘bio-fuel’ mandates. Sadly Obama is not mature enough to restrain the bio-corruption and it is foolish to blame Bush for Obama lack of Americanism. Rather everyone should take careful note of just how far the OLB will whore themselves to cover up Obama’s failure to embrace responsibility.
      We need to get the government out of the way of the economy and generate growth where jobs come from.
      Obama, Pelosi and Reid negative return ‘investments’ destroy national wealth and competitiveness. Most of all this completely destructive and hard hearted bio-fuel delusion must be stopped. Obama want algae now rather than even admit what happened without food supply.

      As I said we need Constitutional Democrats and Republicans not more insanity deals with Progressives which assumes will wield power and authority like mature responsible caring Americans.

      There is no real conflict between Constitutional Democrats and Republicans. They can fashion productive deals and keep them. Trusting Progressive collectivists is just foolish as all of human history proves but clearly demonstrated in Obama's last 3.5 years.

    • Think about it. It is going to take all parts of wahington to work together as a functional unit vs a disfunctional unit. Romney will need this from both sides to get the ball rolling. Republicans dems, They all can turn on a dime.

    • I have no idea what you are trying to express.

      Republicans have only the House.

      Reid has rejected his duty to produce a national budget out of our Senate in over 1,000 days.

      "Obama budget receives zero votes in Senate"

      Obama can not hide from his refusal to lead America any longer.

      As I always say what is needed are Constitutional Democrats and Republicans.
      This means no Pelosi, Reid or Obama in power.

    • Your boasting about Mitt better be right or you willbe eating everything everyone has try to help you out with. 1 person does not make a whole team. It is going to take both houses , congress and the prez to get things done. Just like you whom sees himself as the sole aire to all the problems by chastising anyone that has suggestions or teys to talk to you. Stick to posts like the one i gave you props for. All these other posts aern't helping you out at all.

      Good grief charlie brown.

    • You are a moody person. I merely stated that terrorism the ME and venezuela have done more harm then your corn based ethanol logic. Lighten morris and get off your soap box.

    • Well Maher’s Opinions
      This is easily solved. Obama talks to the EPA administrator and his agriculture secretary and says the mandates are causing massive distortion which is heaping great hardship on working class Americans and destabilizing the world. Obama in fact was expected by the law to have done this over the last 3.5 years.
      Mature responsible Americans would wish to solve the problem rather than waste time trying to rank it so as to minimize it.
      The OLB have never been about problem solving or rational thinking.
      This game is done. Romney 50% Obama 43%. Undecideds always break to the challenger.
      You and the entire OLB have done well! Please keep it up.

      It is amusing that making the attempt to be a mature human being who values personal integrity is acting superior to the OLB! But I guess to people who believe it is clever to live at the base animal level it would appear that way. ;-)

    • Norris, [The issue Gene is that under Obama it went so corruption that it destabilized the world resulting in both food and energy skyrocketing in cost.

      I beleive you gve ethanolto much credit for deatabilizing the world.

      I would have to say terrorists, ME and venzuela have done alot more destabalizing than corn based ethanol ever will.

      Corn ethanol is but a teenyteeny bit of the way bigger puzzle components of destabalizing of the world.

    • Wing MOnley Dude,

      You posted an extreme amount of information on the corn mandates and the celluar mandates.

      Then when you discovered that the authority to set and correct those mandates due to market or economic distortion have been with Obama for the last 3.5 years you just stopped.

      Then there was your famous 'I modelled all out and if the corn mandates were removed the farming economy would collaspe!' That really was the height of silliness and hubris.

      No adjustment for planting more valuable wheat or beans. But I see no reason to repeat my whole response as you would just pretend it never happened.

      YOu simply do not have a clue. THis explains why other than correcting the pruposefully deceptive nonsense you post no one talks to the OLB. That is why you must pick fights just like the reprobates pooping in our public spaces.

    • Yes or No

      No one seeks the nonsense of the Occupy Line Board Movement so the winged monkey troop resorts to destructive behavior to get the attention you demand. So like frustrated animal you poop and toss.

      What is the solution to the corn based Obama ethanol corruption which is destabilizing the world and drive up the cost of both oil and food?

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