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  • norrishappy norrishappy May 16, 2012 4:16 PM Flag


    I was doing some dvr catch up and Crammer had Obama’s agricultural secretary on.
    Jim deserves a good deal of credit for asking about corn prices and the impact of the ethanol corruption.
    The Obama clown made the completely deceptive claim that consumers paid a little less at the pump because of the corn ethanol corruption. He of course did not point out ethanol only has 60% the energy of real gasoline so the Obama secretary did purposefully deceive Americans. Then he went off on the cellular ethanol is just around the corn even as GENE and RRbs did post after post pointing out that this has been a complete and total failure.
    It would not be right for Jim to take this clowns tail off as he is a guest. But I sure hope he follows through with the 100% America and Americans First action and explains this to his viewers.

    Americans you are correct. The Obama kabol is simply unworthy of America and Americans.

    Corn ethanol is saving you money says Obama sect. LIAR!

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    • but they seem never ti sink are a meat head

    • Maher’ Opinion’s,
      This is our Foundation Philosophy. Our Founders did not provide you an option to behave like you do and assume the title Patriot.
      At no time have I said you must believe in my Christ. I have said how my reason and conscience seeks the guidance of the same God of Light all throughout our Founding documents.
      You can be an atheist and a Patriot as long as you have the intellectual sophistication to understand and accept the philosophy as necessary to maintaining individual liberty. History proves it is. Just look at the record of secular or monkey people democracy in Europe or any where else.
      It is a simple thing for a Christian to see the self evident truth that all people are Created equal and Gifted the Individual Rights to Life, Liberty and the PERSONAL pursuit of happiness. Human history proves our base nature makes it impossible to maintain a democratic government based on the will of the majority of people.
      As I have said many times no one; including the Founders, is forcing religion or faith on you. But you simply cannot be hostile to our traditional religion and morality and be a Patriot. You still are a citizen with God Given rights I will protect but you are not entitled to claim the title American Patriot or any of my respect for your base character. It is you clear hostility and not my faith which bars you.
      Now if you were willing to study, learn and discern I would be honor bound to give some regard to your views. But as a willful lowest common denominator animist and not so clever monkey person that would do you more harm than good.
      We both know I have not attempted to share Christ’s Redemption and Peace with you. I would not have the dust cling to my sandals. Although I would say it would give you the comfort and security you clearly cry out for.
      But our Constitution until changed by the Enlightened and Fully Informed wish of the People is the Foundation of all your ‘rights’. That Foundation is that Individual Rights are beyond popular opinion and majority will.
      So if you want to demand these ‘Rights’ in secular reason you have to be able to engage in basic and proven philosophical concepts.
      Whining and attacking my Faith is pointless as it is completely irrelevant to the position you have no clue how to assume. Further the Founder’s were completely clear your hostile tantrums cause you to lose the title American Patriot under our shared Philosophy.
      Rage or prattle on the Founder’s foresaw your behavior and wrote the prescription for you.

    • Well here is more poop for you. You are just another indingent jumping on the praise the lord band wagon. Your types are a dime a dozen forcing your will on everyone else. I am norris and i am the leader of the next faith base movement.

      I will take your preaching like i took it from my brother when he got svaed. I am happy for you that you found your way. But personaly i have known my way for along time.

      Your willful ignorance is do to something that has happened in your life. Causing you to be saved again.

      Congrats that yu have found your way. Others such as myself have learned our way from the beginning. Didn't need to be saved again because our lives have been screwed up.

      Go away you bother me and the board.

    • Obama lies about almost everything...with a charming smile on his face. I know politicians 'spin', but his guy takes it to new heights, along with his whole administration, true disciples of Alinksy. It is alarming that some people still cannot see that this guy is seizing more and more power at the federal level, and that we Americans are seeing our country and our liberties disintegrate before our eyes. The latest power grab includes the drones they want to put up in our air space. We might as well rename the nation 'the Soviet States of America' because control is extending more and more over all citizens. The likes Stalin (or Hitler, for that matter) would have been in his glory with this new tool. it is truly revealing that they want to move these drones from a WAR ZONE to the skies of our homeland. Just what plans do these 'elitists' have for the USA? Of course, a very large number of our Congress is corrupt as well.. the check and balances are failing. Our Founding Fathers and earliest citizens shed a lot of blood to give us all kinds of liberties and the nation is now just giving them if we have somehow forgotten their value. As for natural gas, it will be most likely manipulated, too, because O. does not believe it is clean enough for his world vision . This Visionary has poured billions and billions into 'clean' technology enterprises, only to see them fail very quickly. I find these attempts at business ventures to be proof as to where his 'philosophy' is taking us. However, it is easy to put aside an unsuccessful business, and go back to the drawing board (as long as the money came/comes from the taxpayer) .... On the other hand, it is exceeding difficult to build a strong democracy. Success comes at all odds. When Washington looked out at his troops at Valley Forge, he truly saw the cost. As we all know, history so often repeats itself.

      • 1 Reply to srtajudita
      • Hi Srt,

        I can’t dispute your points.
        It really is a philosophical conflict between American individualism and old tired and failed collectivism.
        The lowest possible common denominator is godless animalism. This is where Maher’s Opinions and the rest of the Occupy Line Board monkey troop demands we begin from. They do not agree that ‘rights’ come with responsibilities for the mature and civilized.
        They are correct they have the right to live as godless animalists. But reasonable mature Americans realize their refusal of the duties of civilized citizens bars them from the title American Patriot per our Founders’ judgment. It is remarkable they would foresee the current outbreak of godless animalist philosophy and have left us the corrective prescription for our uncivilized citizens.
        Sadly most Americans have been conditioned to accept this primitive lunacy as the only way to ‘equality’. This is exactly why most Americans do not read the Declaration, Constitution, Farewell Address or Federalist Papers in public school. They wish us to begin the discussion of the nature of liberty like simple minded monkeys. Monkeys which are not aware so do not study the wisdom of ages.
        I cannot read Obama’s heart or mind but I can judge his actions and policies. The model of collectivism to overthrow democracy, is to follow policies which lead to social chaos. This game is as old as ancient Athens and Sparta. It is also why the ancient pagans were reasoning to become monotheists.
        If you reject the God; as faith or philosophy, of our Founders then we move through the instability of a direct democracy like Athens to an idealized Sparta. Some separation of powers but at the core a self appointed elite to manage man’s chaotic animalist nature.
        What can be said with absolute certainty is that Obama and nearly all the elite Progressive (not the useful idiots on this board) are attempting to fundamentally change to a collectivist from an Individual model. But in a completely dishonest and deceptive method to achieve their objective.
        But when you have such simple indeed arrogant people running on their hubris it is impossible to say whether they screw it up on purpose or simply will not accept their ‘ideas’ fail.

        What counts is that this insanity come to an end. Of course the OLB being animanlists demand to lead. But they are unfit for the task and it is our duty to stop them.

    • No Maher’s Opinion,
      You are making claims about our Founding Philosophy that are simply wrong due to your willful ignorance.
      As we see repeatedly in Europe the clever monkey troop model of ‘secular’ democracy result in chaos and human suffering. My goodness we have to keep going over their to fix it and led by the monkey people French, they do nothing but fling poop at us. Enough already.
      So my duty as a American citizen forces me to pick up all the poop you leave behind. Americans have allowed the monkey people to run wild for some time now and look how much you broke and refuse to fix. Americans should look at California and understand the Progressives running the state are not rational even if a very few are honest in their delusions.
      Sorry Maher’s Opinions. You are not our Founder’s Patriot by their definition and there is no reason by you self admission to take anything you say seriously. Content of character thing.

      There is nothing new or fashionable in collectivist monkey religion. History shows it simply results in chaos and slaughter of innocents. But given constant human nature the unwashed ignorant and self absorbed will demand it, to revert back to their base animla nature.

      This American is not going to standby and let the moneky people refashion America in their (your) image.
      even on an investment board.

    • Please honor me pleazzzzzzzzzzzzz. What an endignant idiot you really are. You haven't a clue do you.

      You who slanders everyone here. You have the nerve to use he who cats the first stone. Go away you bither me and everyone else with your i'll save everyone attitude, Those i don;t save aren't worthy of me {norris] What a hypocrite

    • Maher Opinions
      “if anything myself and others adhere to our founders wisdom more than you do.”
      How could you when you proudly proclaim you do not read and do not contemplate? Silly OLD winged monkey.
      Actually Maher’s Opinions the question of judgment is an interesting one.
      For Christians ‘he who is without sin should cast the first stone’ is something very different than refusing to condemn anti-social selfish behavior publically. In fact my Lord Christ did judge, condemn and tell the woman to sin no more. He can read a person’s heart while we cannot. The mob was assuming the power of justice which is different than judgment. My judgment is not stones.
      You have Liberty to be the modern Nimrod until you interfere with other citizen’s liberty. Martin Luther King was simply repeating the truth of Reformist Faith. All a person truly controls is the content of character and therefore it is the only basis to judge another unique creation of God.
      You proudly proclaim you are selfish. You proudly brag about your ability to beat other people up. You proudly tell us you do not read or study. You brag about your material wealth. All sorts of animalistic self actualization that you demand we all approve.
      That is not what our Founders were about. They were serious mature Christians that risked an easily life of wealth and privilege betting my like would always outnumber your like.

      "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."

      Wish this was you Maher's OPinions but you chose something different. YOu have the right to be a free loader but not to have me honor you for your selfishness.

    • See by passing judgement as you do this s where you falter. if anything myself and others adhere to our founders wisdom more than you do.

      No questions to ask of you anymore. You have been asked, and not once did you answer back approprietly. So as rp said, you are simply hopeless and hapless, and that i have posted more facts to you, that should of solidified everything that was expressed on this thread . You are To selve absorbed in what you want to decree, in your own malisous manner while tryin to use or founding fathers wisdom, to back up your calis posts to others. As seen above with your closing sentence.

      Again later and i know you will want the last word as this is your MO.

    • See by passing judgement as you do this s where you falter. if anything myself and others adhere to our founders wisdom more than you do.

      No questions to ask, you have been asked and never reply so as rp said you are simply hopeless and hapless. You are To selve absobed in what you want to decree in your own malicioue manner while tryin to use or founding fathers wisdom to back up your mailcious posts toothers, As seen abobe with your closing sentence.

      Again later and i know you will want the last word as this is your MO.

    • Yes I agree 100%

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