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  • marcarcal Aug 7, 2012 2:15 PM Flag

    Mitt Romney is a peak oiler

    Hey, in spite of it all, he's an american that loves america.

    r e a l a m e r i c a n' s vote for an a m e r i c a n

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    • Marcarcal,

      So, by implication, about half the country fails to meet your standard about what constitutes "REAL AMERICAN'S." So what should be done about these tens of millions of false Americans? It's kind of like a huge alien invasion. You've got me scared.

      • 1 Reply to Ronharv
      • Ah Ron^3 and the badly outdated propaganda.
        Democrats and Republicans can debate the limits of government within our Constitutional Republic. A foundation built on the self evident truth all people are created equal and each one of God’s unique creates have been gifted Rights not subject to popular opinion.
        Also to be our Framers Patriot, you cannot be hostile to the central tenants of our traditional religion and attendant morality.
        Progressives like Obama make clear they do not and will not respect the Constitutional boundaries of assigned duties of co-equal branches of government.
        I could go on but it is not necessary. Obama/Progressives do not and will not keep their oath before God to defend and uphold our Constitution. They seek to insidiously overturn it by using ‘case law’ rather than following and limiting to the prescribed methods in the Constitution and Washington’s Farewell Address. There is also Obama’s clear refusal to read our Declaration of Independence as it is written by omitting the Creator.
        Progressives have God Gifted Rights we must protect. At the same time dutiful Americans have been assign the task of protecting our Constitution for collectivists like Progressives.
        Ron^3 for no rational reason assumes his views are due respect rather than our protection to state them. He willfully shares his ignorance every day and proves he exists in a very primitive state.
        He would like to ignore that while we have a duty to protect his right to public display of ignorance under free speech, we have also been assigned the duty to protect our Constitution from his ignorant and therefore delusional musings.
        Heaven forbid an informed majority of Americans ever decides to replace our Constitution, which I believe was an act of Divine Providence. But until that time Progressives have no authority to change our Constitution to their liking except by the clear prescribed Amendment Process. This includes discovering rights to privacy or ‘case law’ which reinterprets original intent.
        Fortunately only about 20% of the population is Progressive. Most of them like Ron^3 are clearly and willfully ignorant of our Constitution.
        So they do not understand the rest of us have a duty to protect their Right to be primitive collectivist Progressive and a duty to protect our Constitution by challenging their foolishness publically.

    • I am a patriot ,
      therefore my opinion is the correct one ...
      the logic is impeccable ...
      here , hold my flag ,
      while I kiss that baby ... is that apple pie ?

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      • At the end of the day all polticians are beholden to their campaign funders. These groups stand in line ahead of the ordinary citizens

      • Clown,
        There are a couple of very simple qualifications per our Framers to be an American Patriot.
        It is the foundation of the historical fact of American Exceptionalism.
        We see that tradition in the Tea Party.
        We see why it is different and superior by observing the French behavior of the Occupy Public Spaces and destroy them, movement.
        No one should be surprised Obama rejects the historic fact of American Exceptionalism while embracing the occupy and destroy public spaces French like group while attacking the American Patriots in the Tea Party.
        Despotism may govern without faith, but liberty cannot. Religion is much more necessary in the republic which they set forth in glowing colors than in the monarchy which they attack; it is more needed in democratic republics than in any others. How is it possible that society should escape destruction if the moral tie is not strengthened in proportion as the political tie is relaxed? And what can be done with a people who are their own masters if they are not submissive to the Deity?
        No enlightened mind is surprised that man’s base nature is constant. Nor that man is not perfect and this makes it impossible for us to build perfect things.
        Educated minds also understand the Progressive world view leads to French Revolution blood baths while traditional American morality and religion which was defined by our Founders as the condition of the title Patriot has always lead to solutions and improvement.
        It is not a requirement to have faith. But it is a requirement that you not be hostile to our traditional religion and morality as a force of intellectual understanding.
        As we see with Progressives, long on emotion while completely short on actual study, contemplation and understanding which the requirement for rational opinion is.

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