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  • crusnthrulife05 crusnthrulife05 Aug 7, 2012 7:43 AM Flag

    Looks Like Jack Picked Another Loser

    Big earnings miss over at can make better referrals than that?

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    • just a few months makes such a difference.

      When you have some time, maybe you should look again at Jack's pick....MTGE?

    • Nope.

      But, what is that it looks like you knew his response yesterday at around 9:53 am, BEFORE you posted about it here

      BEFORE you posted a concocted story about him saying to buy ARR which he would have answered or stated in the article, or implied by some kind of analysis, if he wanted to say that....but he did not.

      I also saw the question to him about if he sold LINE today but did not see his response so please post it for everyone.

      I also noticed that he had left out mention of how the PUTS provide added upside for profit for LINE but he did mention that LINE was hedged 100%.

      It is a KEY part of their hedging-price protection since it also preserves part of added pofit protection, yet is is missing from the article.....right?

      Because he left it out I assume that he either overlooked an important element of LINE that is important to mention, or may not understand that Linn hedges differently than the others in that article.

      I suspect that it may be both.

      Why don't you ask him?

      AND, I do read some of his articles and think they are pretty good sometimes BUT, when it comes to energy....I think the two BEST SA authors are Zman (Steve Zachritz) & Michael Filloon.

    • Does the fact that he sold his LINE shares recently mean anything to you?

    • Well no one asked but it clearly is just more monkey business.

    • I subscribe to Dividend Lab. TJ did not add ARR to the portfolio, although I have it anyway for the time being in mine.

      A lot of people do like the monthly payers as it seems to smooth out the price volatility.

    • Jack, after re-reading that article just to double check, I noticed some of the the comments under the article.

      What does this response from Todd sound like to you?

      "Good morning rlp2451, I don't own ARR shares. Investors make up their own mind on what stocks to buy. Todd 8 Aug, 09:53 AM"

    • Since you seem to not know one if you saw one.

      Unless it says what you should go BUY or avoid for now, which lots of SA articles have, some others are not as simplified and direct.

      This is from that Linn article of today:
      "When all is said and done LINE is going to own some premier assets. As hedging positions drop off, new positions will be added. If energy prices rebound at a later date, these new prices will be what are locked into LINE's hedging books. LINE's stock price might not take off like a rocket, but it has set itself up to be a winner for the long haul once energy prices return.

      In conclusion, the above four names offer great potential once energy prices rebound. All are working hard to get new assets online despite the difficult current operating environment. As we all await energy's return, it might pay to take a second look at some of these names.

      Disclosure: I am long PWE, LINE, PGH."

      Compare that to what Todd wrote about ARR & the other two that he does not disclose as him owning.

      In this Linn article the author owns it, and discloses that he does.
      He clearly likes Linn and says so.
      He provides lots of analysis as to why he likes it and then implies to go buy it ["it has set itself up to be a winner for the long haul once energy prices return"] and he then concludes.

      In the article you posted, he just tells you what they did, does not even own it and never tells you to go do anything.

    • Youre new name is NWAR.

      Firgure it out.

    • Suit yourself. You always do.

    • This is another example of you just being a clown and that remark (Truth hurts I guess. ) shows it clearly.

      I told you what he said in the article and what he did not say. You cut and posted what I said that he is all backward looking....

      NO WHERE doe he say to go and buy it!

      AND, he discloses that HE DOES NOT EVEN OWN IT!

      And, you want to twist that into him saying that somehow somewhere, he said to buy it....when he clearly did not say that in the article anywhere.

      It is included among other monthly payers because it is a popular monthly div payer and the info on what they do, & how they did is presented. PERIOD.

      He discloses near the end that he owns only TWO of the 5 he writes about. ARR is not one of them.

      And, all of this is moot anyway.

      Jack just gave you the reason you asked for.

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