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  • dadnorris1 Sep 4, 2012 9:52 AM Flag

    WSJ American incomes down 4K almost 10% due to Obama

    Now Now.

    75% of the loss in American living standards occured in the Obama 'recovery'. Time to American up and Progressives to accept responsibility for the results of their policies.

    Chinese coal plants are not built to our standards. But they are taking the lead in poly-generation technology which reduces polution but is also far more efficient. If you believe that bogus GW religion this is your only hope as the Chinese already great exceed our co2 production.

    If you believe the American economy can created jobs based on artifically expensive electricity you need to stop your pot prescription and think.

    As for the export facilities all that is required if the corrupt Obama administration providing approval. If we will not the Looneys will happily expand their export terminals.

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    • #$%$ all this started with in the last 3 years of GW Jr who wasn't even running the White House. Cheney was telling his puppet what to do. Why do you think Rice and Colin quite. Rumsfield had to resign with his failed wars.Bank failures , housing and auto. At least we have 1 war gone now binladen dead along with many of his cronies. Jobs are coming back. What will Mitt do or the american people.
      1 xl pipeline [won't take long to complete]
      2 reduce taxes on the richer[ who really don't create more jobs]
      3 womans rights out the window [ back to the past] legitimate rape?????????????
      4 The RNC was like a big SNL skit. Clint let that be known. With Mitts wife cringing and Paul Ryan gasping and hiding his shame. All the speakers wanted to do was talk about themselves in their speeches and at the end give Mitt a plug. [pitiful]
      5 Mitts wife tried to tell everyone that they are normal americans with a normal marriage, like everyone else in america

      Go create another name this what progressives do so they can keep their nonsence in ciculation.

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      • Now Now Maher’s Opinion,
        We all understand why Progressives are brutish and unhappy. Once a person deludes themselves into believing character and personal integrity are ‘logical’ anachronisms of our Framers traditional religion and attendant morality, they can find no purpose. The resulting empty soul then commonly further deludes itself that legalize drugs, prostitution or engaging in any selfish anti-social behavior will improve the human condition and a more ‘civilized’ society.
        The self evident ‘truth’ of the primitive is that selfishness is our natural state. Therefore we must have appointed elite to fashion and impose a ‘Just’ social contract. But the elites the Progressives appoint do not value character or integrity either. We have Michele Obama taking opulent vacation with no effort to reduce costs like flying with her husband. We have Gore living like a Roman patrician spewing co2 out of every opening. We have a very wealthy Pelosi flying in a government paid personal jet to enjoy California weather for the weekend.
        None of this is new. It is the ugliness of humanity when character and personal integrity are not valued.
        New jobs are not matching population growth. Obama has no authority to shatter the rule of law and ‘legalize’ illegal immigrants by executive fiat when so many Americans are out of work or underemployed.
        The sad fact is our economy is MORE distorted and dysfunctional than when Obama came in office. This is why America has not had a normal economic recovery of 4% to 6% as we take up all the excess capacity both investment and human capital.
        Speaking as a person who has actually spent time studying economics and investments Obama is the worst post FDR.
        He had a simple solution. Instead of corn ethanol corruption he could have used the stimulus to get our natural gas into transportation. America would have an answer to his doubling of dairy/meat and gasoline prices.
        It is not rocket science. Just rational econ 101. It would be one thing if Obama would admit his mistakes and mature. But willful immaturity is the Progressive way. The natural gas is ready to go while his battery cars, solar panels and windmills despite handouts of $100 billion to his cronies are not. Not even close.

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