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  • ronharv ronharv Oct 8, 2012 9:45 PM Flag

    OT: The Science Marches on Dept.

    Sitting on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee is Republican Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia. In a videotaped speech on Sept. 27 Broun (who's unopposed for reelection) asserts that evolution, embryology, and the Big Bang theory are "lies straight from the pit of hell." Moreover, he declared that the earth is 9,000 years old.
    I think that we need more such leaders whose scientific knowledge remains uncontaminated by satanically derived beliefs in evidence. And one can only admire his perceptively forward-looking constituency. God bless Representative Broun.

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    • Poor Ron at it again with his intolerance and self assumed elite intellect.
      Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia earned a #$%$ Chemistry and holds a Medical Degree. This American is a Marine and served as a medical officer in the Navy.
      It is a very childish assumption he does not believe in the western system of reductionist science. A journalist would have asked why he holds these views rather than stage a Progressive witch hunt. Certainly it is completely unethical to run with this headline without asking about his views of other areas of discovery or the process itself.
      More to the point what would he include in primary education?
      Evolution is not proven science. Natural selection does not prove evolution. Indeed, due to political pollution of the discipline of science most Americans are mislead into believing natural selection results in superior design when in fact it only functions to maximize life. In fact the process of specialization leads to extinction, due to lack of adaptability.
      Also an inquiring open mind would consider intelligent design. There are absurd leaps of illogic in the both the genesis of life and the random event rise of a cell. Ben Stein’s Movie ‘Expelled no Intelligence allowed’ is an excellent primer.
      ‘Scientists’ have been claiming they are about to create life in a test tube. Forty years later nothing still. No surprise as the mathematical probability of random ‘creation’ of something as complex as a cell is nil and our science is no closer to explaining it.
      In theory the end process of any ‘natural’ evolutionary process is intelligent life which has the ability to modify nature. However even with beyond trillions of planets and the assumption of billions of years the heavens are completely silent. The political agenda way science is ‘taught’ our children do not ponder the wonder that in a universe given billions of years, earth remains the only hot emitter of radio waves screaming intelligent life here. Statistically impossible in the model of evolution ‘taught’ in our schools.
      Big bang is an interesting theory. But it is just a theory. Now we discover over half the matter and energy in the universe is dark. Named Dark rather than admit we do not have a clue what it is.
      Well to remember Einstein came along and caused a mass extinction of generally accepted ‘science’. Also at this point it appears he was often incorrect about Quantum Mechanics a famous instance being spooky behavior.
      So all we have once again is a Progressive self assuming more knowledge and understanding than other folks while never bothering to wonder or study for it. The result is the head line bell is wrung and the lap dogs attack without thinking for themselves.
      Still many people believe the mad who is well mad, rather than perhaps on to something fascinating. Mr. Varney is imperious to time and would speak in peculiar fashion except for the spooky similarity to the style of Errol Flynn. It is possible Mr. Varney was the model for HG Wells time traveler character. There is some reason HW never divulged his name.

    • For your amusement, a certain church,early this year officially confirmed that Gallileo was right about the sun being the cenre of our solar system, and that his retraction under threat of excommuncation was wrong.

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      • Very different than the Global Warming Religion which finished there investigation by claiming nothing was wrong except perhaps some understandable mistakes.

        Pretty funny too as it was the Reformation lands; like America, where science flourished into the Enlightenment and beyond.

        My personal take is that my Catholic brothers and sisters were a little behind but doing just fine now.
        They have the humility to admit they are not perfect unlike the nothing new under the sun Progressive mystery cults popular with primitives today.

        Mr. Varney, Errol Flynn, Australia, time travel, Norman conquest/convict criminal skeletons in the family closet. Could it really all be random coincidence?

    • Obviously he cant separate church and state.Just as dangerous to the US as radicals from other religions.

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      • Now now William,
        We know from the Framers Farewell Address that it is impossible to be an American Patriot while hostile to our traditional religion and attending morality. Indeed dutiful Americans should only appoint political and judicial leadership who Fear God otherwise their oaths cannot be logically trusted.
        I understand intellectual agility is lacking in your education and it is brightly accentuated by the shallowness of your study.
        Can you explain “The Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and Posterity” in OUR Constitution and your mindless assumption of separation of religion from governance?
        Of course not, so spare us the smug juvenile prattle which only proves your functional ignorance of the subject at hand.

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