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  • merovingian123 merovingian123 Oct 9, 2012 10:54 AM Flag

    OT: The Science Marches on Dept.

    Also 500 years of murder of south americans, masons,cathars, and supposed heretics.I am not against religion but the organisations are generally self serving.

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    • As church is made of people, our church is not prefect. So all we can do is repent and begin again. The process of Reformation is not an event but a continuing challenge.

      In a short couple hundred years collectivism; commonly called socialism, has slaughtered 200+ million mostly innocents without remorse or conscience. There is no soul so human life is a simple commodity like any other 'natural' resource to be consumed for progress.

      There is no problem with the Good Book but in imperfect man who will not accept with humility the true nature of our condition. So your problem is far larger than you imagine. The church has been taken over and turned into an collective in the past but not one absent a conscience.

      The first stable democracy in the history of man; in Republican form with individual right Gifted by God, was only made possible by fusing the Enlightenment with Guided Reason as a leap of faith about the nature of people.

      The man by himself and arrogantly so model was and is far worse and you realize it too. Once you put aside your reprogrammed automatic response to this stimulus.The problem is us and what do you propose we do about it? Form a collective? How insane!

      How you feel about the Aztec blood cult? .All religion is not the same and you know this too.

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