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  • norrishappy norrishappy Oct 23, 2012 3:07 PM Flag

    NY Times Article Not the First to Dispute the Efficacy of Shale Plays By rlp2451 . Investor really! ;-)

    "While attempting to investigate the "true" costs of gas production in the Marcel...

    While attempting to investigate the "true" costs of gas production in the Marcellus shale formation, I found several articles that mirror the NYT article. Here is one link that was published October 2010 on "The Oil Drum" website (they say the actual cost is at least $7/MCF): ..............An excerpt: Shale play promoters constantly try to divert attention and analysis from current plays to newer plays."

    Thank Sand! I guess the problem is RLP can not state one element of American domestic energy production either the nyZt or Oil drum was correct!

    They will just keep going though! On a natural gas investment board.

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    • Happy times at the funny farm today? Going back two years to find postings? How desperate can one get? I suspect if I look hard enough (which I am not inclined to waste my time on), I can certainly find postings by anyone here that don't apply now.

      Seems I read once that NOG was supposed to be a $25 stock by now, and LINE was supposed to be as much as EOGs.

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      • must be hard to retain any credibility when you first post (from ONE year ago...not two) that it cost $7 t0 $8 to produce natural gas in the Marcellus......just talking out of both sides of your mouth?

        ........and then this week you tell us how wonderfully profitable it is to produce gas there that sells for half of that price.

        Would you like to please explain a bit more?
        Maybe we missed something like: it is wet gas, or there is oil there or, maybe the costs did not go up 15% like the article you posted said... would be operating at a net loss of about half of $7 t0 $8....for some producers?

        I would guess that the article you posted last year may not be correct anyway and that it probably does not cost that much ($7) for most producing there but we can check easily enough.


        ...more KNEW THIS before you made your incorrect claims concerning production in the Marcellus in your recent posts and in the thread that you started claiming that Linn was not smart to get out of Marcellus when they did....... and that they were smart to stay out of the Bakken.....pretty funny stuff.

        That was a whopper of another false claim, since they already produce more than 3,500 boepd from the Bakken/Threeforks & made not one, but THREE acquisitions in the Bakken in North Dakota so far. And Linn will participate in drilling about a hundred wells there during 2012.

        To post how smart they were to stay out as you did was just another of your fabrications....since they did not stay out, and are producing, and doing really well producing OIL in the Williston basin.

        WOW....So now based on your post from last year.... the Marcellus cost $7+ to produce, but it is great (today) to be there while the gas is selling for much less than $7.......(for some producers at about the current market price $3.50).

        Your own post validated the smart move by MHR and the others who made the shift toward more oilyier plays during this natural gas price downturn.

        Gas has been headed who knows how long it will be before they are back doing fine again.

        But, your posts are sometimes amusing.

      • This election is over except for the Senate. Time to store your nyZt and oil drum propaganda. Maybe it will be a collectors item one day and you can finely retire from your panhandle scene.

        "[first lines]
        Chuck De Nomolos: It is time. They have reached the second crucial turning point in their destiny. Their message is about to reach millions. But, we will change all that. When our mission is successful, no longer will the world be dominated by the legacy of these two fools! No longer will we hear this.
        [plays air guitar]
        Chuck De Nomolos: We will stop them now! Brother and sister, are we ready?

        The Wizard RLPOzOdd has Spoken! Surely 'I do not value myself Opinions' will answer the summons! Whether brother or something else TBD.

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