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  • norrishappy norrishappy Oct 24, 2012 11:04 AM Flag

    Yes and if he wins, you will have a trade war with China as he promised.


    China is dependent on us. Mr. B has just devalued their hostile mercantilism American dollar horde by 20%+. Of course Progressive claimed all sorts of things they could and would do about it but the reality is there is nothing they can or could do about it.

    Truth is both economies will be stronger with balanced trade. That means the Chinese elite will have to let that massive dollar horde go to increasing their peoples living standards - as it should. Trade should balance for the health of both economies and citizen living standards.

    At Americans low level of human and capital utilization capacity inflation is not a serious threat. With our low cost natural gas and coal China is actually at a competitive disadvantage in high value added manufacturing. Their slave labor model has clear limitations in the modern world of robotic automation.

    The negative economic Obama feedback loop is only the new normal of American decline, if we Americans allow it. It is repulsive to have to see the drool dripping off your face on a regular basis hoping we will do so.

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