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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Oct 26, 2012 6:31 PM Flag

    Sand Can't Tell The Difference in X and Y axis in Charts, Nor Timelines

    If you don't read my explanations orunderstand why Finviz doesn't work for comparisions, there's nothing else I can say to help you.

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    • Well, guess that response kinda gets you out of explaining something that you are unable to explain.

      I also noticed that you also ignored the question about what exactly you did with your logarithmic scale.

      Maybe you just got logarithms confused again with the reason that your slide rule works the way that it does?

      Finviz charts used as a historical picture of the past price history with a similar chart pattern between COG & LINE (ascending wedge) as is shown by the bottom blue trendline since the 1st week of June very clear to EVERYONE at just a glance....not you too?

      Where is your comment about slide #18 from the Linn Enercom presentation of Aug. 16, 2012 which shows the Linn total return as ~ 231% compared to the Alerian MLP index total return as ~146%.

      You had no comment on that old topic either?

      You seem to want to use some of that fuzzy math again but this time as logarithms but will not say just how.

      Hey maybe just some more of that old mumbo-jumbo all over again, the hocus-poskus, or just more of the fancy logic.

      We can revisit all of your nonsense games & posts but it is a waste of time.

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