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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Oct 27, 2012 11:28 AM Flag

    WSJ B7 Profiting from Closed-End Funds without getting burned

    You are saying we should of just let the country slide into a deep deep depression when Obama took office. Then you could really hang the president.

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    • No.

      I am saying unequivocally that when Obama policy began a very large body of economists; of recognized accomplishment, gave his stated policy agenda a 59% of an F.

      However, what Obama has actually chosen to do have been far worse.

      The natural course of the American economy is and has always been growth. Sharp recessions result in sharp recoveries. Unless of course we have a willful child who refuses to make any changes to his agenda even as the results are the worst in our record.

      Hopefully Romney wins as all our vast and low cost energy reserves in both natural gas and coal need to get into our economy and benefit average Americans with low cost is a man who does not stand in the way while telling Americans he is not.

      Romney only need by honest and mature to allow our economy to resume its natural state of economic growth.

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      • October 5th:

        Economists gave Obama's economic plan an average grade of 3.15 on a five-point scale: nearly 50 percent higher than their 2.14 grade of Romney's plan, according to a new survey by The Economist released on Wednesday. About half of the economists surveyed said that Obama understands economics better than Romney, in contrast to the 28 percent of respondents who believed that Romney had a better grasp of the discipline, according to The Economist. In addition, the number of economists that said the economy would grow more quickly under Obama was nearly double the number that said it would grow more quickly under Romney.

        From "Money", the Denver Post, numerous other sources (at least I give my sources, Norris makes his "data" up.)

      • . Sharp recessions result in sharp recoveries.
        So would you call what Obama got was a normal recession? Plus as RLP just posted refutes your slanted opinion. Mitt can do this Mitt can do that. Problem with Mitt is he can't be honest as he has proven.

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