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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 2, 2012 9:13 PM Flag

    OT American suffering in NY and NJ

    I believe he is fine although I do not know for sure. Maybe he will ping but I would not be surprised if he is going some work with his church to help.

    That is a whole bunch of Americans and let us all pray it does not get really cold.

    I saw reports on TV that folks are uncertain of their food and water supplies. That elders may yet be in their homes unable to get out.

    Seems to me these coastal missions would be great training and they with the Navy do relief missions like this all over the world.

    When San Diego almost burned down my close friend commanded a Navy helicopter flight fully trained for rescue and fire fighting. He was a high ranking officer so threw his connections had the fire fighting slings delivered from Virginia.

    Then with the city about to burn down the Unions guys told them they were not trained. Being American military every one stayed hoping some one would finally let them help. ..

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    • Thought gro/glen lived in colorado not on th east coast. So was he telling the board a lie like Mitt? Does norris really live in SD cali? Is norris really a editor for the WSJ and does sand really have a life?

      Does norris's post really sound sincere that he feels bad for his fellow americans. meanwhile our island is cut into 3 parts and the only access is by ferry system now, which takes forever to get supplies to our local residents. Personaly i beleive norris is just BSing the board about truely caring when he waited so long to post his feelings.

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