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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 3, 2012 10:56 AM Flag

    Thanks to Obama and Obama alone Mexico and Canada get our jobs in export 2

    Now Now RLP Gasland, Oil Drummer and destroy food for ethanol true believer,
    You have a defective character and no shame.
    The only measure of a person is their character.
    This is a foundational truth of America’s traditional religion and attendant morality.
    You can not be hostile to these truths and claim the Framer’s title American Patriot.
    RLP Opinion’s is not only ignorant of Investment and Econ 101 concepts but does not care.
    It searches the internet for anything in print which supports the Progressive collective regardless of whether or not it is accurate or even rational. That is defective character.
    Free Speech in the Reformation must begin with intellectual honestly and personal integrity. This is the building block which allowed Northern Europe then America as Exceptional example to leave the world behind in applied innovation.
    Free markets exist to focus our economy on improving the human condition via living standards.
    Ordinary people making rational choices is what results in economic efficiency or the invisible hand. A free market empowers the ordinary person.
    So the struggle is against the irrationality of collectivist vainglorious drive to assume leadership rather than allow ordinary citizens to be empowered.
    The willfully ignorant and self absorbed like RLP Opinions should live in your freedom of expression rather than seek to impose your nihilistic and empty existence on the rest of us.
    But given your defective character you will not show any one else regard or respect their humanity. Humanity gifted Rights by a Loving and Benevolent Creator.

    XL and Export terminals are excellent jobs Obama has blocked Americans from gaining.

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    • All that writing to say absolutely nothing.

      • 1 Reply to opinionsarelike33
      • RLP Opinions Gasland, Oil Drumming and starve people for ethanol corruption,

        You chose to live in a nihilistic void which is not a function of 'diversity'. God's creations are only unique on the inside and only if they have purpose to their life.

        The OLB clearly does not understand the most basic elements of economics and investments. But you maintain this is not important as you have an 'opinion'.

        Willful ignorance has always been reasoned by logic and accepted by Reformist faith to be a foundation sin.

        Public education exists so people have the opportunity to escape the poverty of ignorance.

        Not surprisingly the necessity to be able to read God's Word to have a personal relationship with the Creator also is the foundation of stable self representative Republic. The tree which grows good fruit.

        America was built by citizens sharing Reformation values. How delusional it is for nihilistic progressive to claim we are the ones who hold back scientific advancement! True delusion.

        It is you who blocks technology like fracturing because you assume there is not enough energy in America. NO amount of real worth proof will change your faith. But you do have the defective character to claim credit for the proof there is no shortage.

        That is a result of completely defective character not mass delusion.

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