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  • rthoms54 rthoms54 Nov 4, 2012 5:34 AM Flag

    Can LNCO be Incorporated in a ROTH_IRA????? ........

    That's ezactly why they created LNCO-so you could own it without all the tax #$%$ involved in owning an MLP in an IRA.

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    • I don't grasp the tax problems that you imply accrue with owning LINE in an IRA. Linn has reported significant UBTI losses the past several years, and these can be carried forward on an annual 990-T for 20 years. I own a lot of LINE, and the company would need considerable future UBTI (highly unlikely) to use up the carryforwards. Now if I owned a company like VNR, which has high positive UBTI, that'd be a different story.

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      • I don't know if my first response posted properly so I did it again. Anyway, My wife owned KMR in her IRA account. KMR is one of two MLPs that pay their dividend in kind as a way to get around the tax #$%$ involved in owning MLPs in IRA accounts. The other is EEQ. The potential problem that I saw was in the paragraph I just posted. My wife made so many thousands of dollars holding KMR in her account that her cost was close to zero. Now maybe this paragraph doesn't apply the way I think it does, but why go through the bother of any tax #$%$ in a tax-free retirement account? Fortunately, now there are other options like LNCO. There are also some MLP ETFs-I also own AMLP.

      • Just buy LNCO at a slightly better yield rather than even worry about it.

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