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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 7, 2012 12:41 AM Flag

    Well Obama wins Congrats to the Progressives

    Time to really change my portfolio risk profile.

    Crammer is not correct about Progressive politics impacting economics and companies of course exist in the economy. In low growth no growth economy one company has to win and another lose. Maybe Crammer does believe he can always pick correctly but I sure cannot.

    California over the last twenty years is the best model. There is no economic magic nor is borrowing unlimited nor can taxes be raised high enough.

    The question here at LINE is it worth taking the risk on the now coming fracturing regulations from the Obama EPA.

    Best of luck fellow Americans.

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    • When whats his name couldn't win his own state that was a tip of the hat, oh Paul Ryan Mr, P90x. After the senate started to go more demo i went to bed. Woke up to a blow out, But williiam is right. What will Boehner do now. his house needs to wake up since their tactic didn't work on the we won't work with this guy. We want someone else. The republican party is in shambles and needs an identity. As far as NG and Oil stocks they are great investments. I am sticking with what i have with NO radical changes such as norris is claiming to do. Mr. intimidator playing his game again.

    • Lets hope the house will now be constructive, as opposed to the previous stated agenda of removing Obama. This is what the US and the world needs. If not, god help us all.

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      • Romney and Ryan commited political suicide with their wavering and lieing from 1 day to the next on public tv. I mean come on these 2 wereall over the place on what they stood for. It is hard to beat a formidable opponent with the truths coming ot of their mouths. But to stand up in front of the country and world and blatantly move from the extreme right 1 day to the middle and then back again the next day, The both did this to themselves. The house better get it together.

      • jackhiller Nov 7, 2012 3:47 AM Flag

        What do you mean by "constructive?" Voting for more deficit spending with ease? Voting to raise taxes (which economists are convinced takes money from job creators to endow small spenders, and thereby lowers economic activity and shrinks the tax base). Or do you mean to cooperate on working to balance the budget by cutting spending, such as with Sequestration as the first wrung?

        The economy will continue to slide, and with higher taxes and reg costs, the economy will most likely fall into another round of recession, or worse. Energy demand will decline here, as it is declining world wide, so oil and gas are moving to oversupply, with pricesthen falling as potential supply exceeds demand.

        Linn is managing well now. While energy prices are apt to trend lower, Fed devaluation of the dollar and low interest rates are driving up most commodity prices, so we get stagflation. Any high yield investments, however, that cannot keep their payouts increasing to keep up with inflation, will per usual suffer, so their yield level increases to keep up with inflation (just as bond prices drop when interest rates increase)..

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