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  • ronharv ronharv Nov 7, 2012 9:21 AM Flag

    OT: Who to Thank

    Seems to me that the Democrats owe a hearty thanks to tea party intransigents who couldn't (and probably still can't) grasp that political compromise is the very foundation of American democracy in a predominately centrist society. It should be interesting to see if the more thoughtful Republicans are capable of returning to their traditional conservative roots of incrementalism and flexibility or if they will continue to cede power to bullies like Grover Norquist and the country's zoo of ranting ragers. Extremists have always had a tough time of it in America, which, thankfully, ultimately places them on Ignore.

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    • Take congress lock them in a room. Turn the heat up and don't let them out till they all come out with an agreements and a bipartisan play for the future. Not just a month or a year but way down the road. This year by year crappppppppppppp on the fiscal cliff is terrible. As well the AMT tax needs to be raised which has run out since last year. These people are the real picture of procrastinators.

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      • As a 65 year old, life long conservative, I would just like to point out that Obama did not win a mandate in this election. IN fact, there is strong evidence that nearly half the votes cast were a repudiation of liberal policies. The reason for his victory, is that there are a large number of voters on the left that clearly do not have a clue about how the free world economic system functions. The left is comprised largely by people who are either motivated by their unions, motivated by ignorance of the facts, motivated by the liberal media bias, or motivated by getting free stuff. And then add to that the racist black community who voted 95% for Obama because they identified with him as a black man. And before you try to label me as a racist, I just want to point out that it is every bit as racist to vote for a black candidate because you are black as it is to vote against a black candidate because you don't like the color of his skin.

        I have lived long enough to see that liberalism, and political correctness have gone a long way to destroying the fabric that holds this nation together. Obama promised to unite this nation and instead his bullheaded insistence on a far left agenda of social reform and weak foreign policy has taken this nation down a slippery path from which there is probably no return.

        An article I read today stated that the Euro-zone is going headlong into another recession. The US is on the precipice of going over a fiscal cliff now and when we go over it in a couple months, the meager gains achieved in the past 4 years are going to go right out the window and we will be back at 10% unemployment before you know it.

        It won't effect me one dam bit, because I am retired and very well healed financially. And at this point in my life I couldn't care less what happens to the masses in this country. They are going to get exactly what they voted for. They are all on a ship that is taking on water and they are all standing around waiting for somebody else to start bailing. I for one am not going to help bail them out any longer. Let all the idiots sink with the ship.

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