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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Nov 24, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    The effect of (just) a 60% decline rate


    If you are trying to reason or just talk with this goofball norris. Forget it. All he wants to do is slander everything that you say because he is always right. He wlli use flat earth people pagens and other assorted verbage to irritate you. Best to ignore this kind of person and mind. he is a bit looney to be nice about it.

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    • The cast of the mental shadow puppet show is very full this morning.

      You really imagine there is a mentally free audience that would watch this show and believe it all?

      That is not the American way with our faith in Divine Individualism and the free will acceptance of a citizens' Duties which come with the Gift of Liberty.

      How sad it would be to see more young Americans join your meaningless shadow puppet show as unthinking cast members.

    • Ignore does not make any of the mental shadow puppet show rational or honest.

      All that has happened is a massed show this morning.

      Or in the super urbain and foppish RLP manner - Bah Bah Bah when your mental programming does not have an answer for a rational point.

      Yes I do mean primitive as an accurate descriptor of your choice behavior.

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