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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 23, 2012 5:27 PM Flag

    Sick of global warming/change propaganda!

    Hi Hungry,

    I do realize people following the scientific method understand it is a process which requires intellectual integrity or character.

    The issue I have with an assembly of opinion which happens to have college degrees like the union of concern scientists.

    At best they have become the naive tools of a Progressive Elite which is bent on replacing what remains of traditional Western Religion; with its focus on the inherent value of each individual/individuality and conservation or stewardship of the environment,with a collective social imperative of their Global Warming messianic claims.

    So we have Western Europe literally destroying what remains of their economies with this new religion. Even as they shut down the only source of energy which could 'save' them from their fate which is nuclear power. Close to the social conditions which unleashed the unmatched evil of collectivist fascism and communism upon the world.

    Here in America Obama has rewarded his political cronies with a $100 billion in tax payer money. Some went bankrupt but most went to base load energy 'feeder tariffs' arrangements where the full cost is hidden from rate payers by law. This shows the 'environmentalists' are more than willing to trick, deceive and obfuscate the general public for some one has worked this out and a dishonored media has gone along with it.

    Further as you know China already emits more 'pollution' than America in a few years it will be more than double. India shares their development agenda and in a few years will exceed us. Nor does their economic development or emissions stop there but continue at a compounding rate of economic growth and productivity.

    Of course the largest most expensive, irrational and hard heart policy is corn based ethanol. It increases emissions and just based on the low energy density physics of plants, can never be a base load energy solution. It might be a way to enhance over all process efficiency but it is simply impossible as a energy solution.

    One would assume an assembly of intellectual honest concerned scientists would take this on as not only evil policy but completely ineffective and of massive cost, draining resources fro viable alternatives.

    But that is not what happens. We all know the science process is not possible under such a glaring failure of intellectual integrity and character.

    So Americans trained in the scientific process method; if they willingly bind themselves to the defined Duties of American Patriots, to make clear what is going on is not science at all.

    As Washington proclaimed on our first official Thanks Giving to the Creator, we are thankful for the diffusion of useful knowledge. The Union of Concern Scientists fails the test as they are. But hopefully they will rethink their foundations of philosophy rather than function as the most naive tools of nefarious politics and their 'collective good'.

    Americans are aware of everything with understanding nothing. Thanks failed Union of Concern Scientists and a nearly completely dishonored press.

    The elite in America has been given a scared Duty to inform and thereby empower the common sense of the average citizen. Both mostly refuse their duty leaving only the question of willfully or not.


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    • the oceans are slowly dying due to chemicals being added thru runoff due to industrial expansion in 3rd world. Mediterrean Sea has many problems. Forest are being depleted and deserts are now on every continent,even a small one in Europe. Humans are not good stewards of the planet. Most Americans are even too lazy to recycle aluminum cans and plastic. Look at all the breathing issues in U.S.--not all from smoking as smoking rates are dropping. Crazy christians do not care about any of this because they think their man-god is returning in the air on a white horse. They are the wackos!

      • 2 Replies to m.swanger
      • Some of what you say is true. However, most of the elected officials and their backers want to pass paper around and trade carbon credits which will do nothing. If we wanted to solve problems we would be reforesting when someone was found to be a polluter. I wrote Governor McDonald and several other politicians of Virginia when issue was drilling off our coast to look into a program of planting trees on all government lands by those wishing drilling permits. Especially lands ajacent to rivers and ocean/bay. Median strips could even be planted with ornamental low growing trees that would add to safty on the roads. State parks could be forested. And last but not least, farmers could be given trees to ring their fields to reduce run off. Compensation to the farmers for 10 feet of land by oil companies too. This would be beneficial to all. The only answer I got was perhaps I could talk to the oil companies. If they really wanted to solve the problems they could do it!

      • "Crazy christians do not care about any of this because they think their man-god is returning in the air on a white horse. They are the wackos!"

        Actually the people doing most of the polluting are the secular atheists of China.

        Ah the shadow puppetry show continues. Is there any individuality left in you?

    • Exactly what I think. We should be drilling and supplying because we have the best controls on pollution. Export the "controls" not the raw material. Propaganda by government is rampant and always has been but only a fool thinks there is no inflation. You must count food and energy to get the real picture. Also, you can't try and put further controls on insurance companies of 1% profit while allowing your cronieAARP to make almost 5%. Norm of the industry use to be 4%. Obama administration has domestic enemies including anyone who speaks real truth against his administration. He just talks the talk. We need a president and CONGRESS that is for walking the walk.

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      • If big oil wanted NG as the surface fuel it would of been done along time ago. They have had the monwy and know how to do the infrastructure. By seeing how NG is lower in cost oil takes the precedent for them. Bigger bucks to fill their coffers. We have a person on this board that loves to blame Obama and the EPA. The fact is big oil wants it to stay this way and control what we do as a country. Ask yourselves this why haven't they started infrastructure build out? Why hasn't big oil put NG pumps in yet at their stations?
        As far as contributing to planting if they won't put in NG infrastructure for the nation why would they contribute to the ecology?

      • "Norm of the industry use to be 4%. Obama administration has domestic enemies including anyone who speaks real truth against his administration. "

        Actually our natural gas industry is now a zombie thanks to Obama. The surface fuelwhich could cut the gge of gasoline to $1 while reducing co2 emissions by 40%, create high paying domestic jobs and get America safe from OPEC, is not being used.

        Instead Obama wastes billion of tax payer money on battery cars which are far dirtier than a ng car and do not work.

        Definitely an outbreak of heathen shadow puppetry this morning.

        Truth has no agenda.

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