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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Nov 24, 2012 1:13 PM Flag

    As norris babbles on

    Has he said anything on why big oil hasn't started creating the infrastructure for NG? Does he merely protect their interest of not building out this great surface fuel for america. As well this is a NG investment board. I would think he would be all for big oil creating jobs with their cash load by starting to develop the infratsructure for NG.

    Why won't big oil start this investment in our country. Again they have the cash knowledge and the most important factor indepence from foreign dependency and the creation of permanent jobs We have all of this NG and shale oil start contributing instead of putting infrastructure projects off.

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    • Big oil needs to participate more in the Ng infrastructure. Why is everyone afraid to say this to them?

    • It was not political big oil which made the hundreds of years of natural gas available to fellow Americans at undreamed of low prices - 70% less than imported oil.

      Mitchell Energy utilized all these component technologies and techniques to achieve the first economical shale fracture in 1998 using an innovative process called slick-water fracturing.[21][22] Since then, natural gas from shale has been the fastest growing contributor to total primary energy (TPE) in the United States, and has led many other countries to pursue shale deposits. According to the IEA, the economical extraction of shale gas more than doubles the projected production potential of natural gas, from 125 years to over 250 years.[23]

      It is our American entrepreneurs like Mr. Mitchel and Mr. Hamm which made this abundance of American energy possible. Big political oil sold off their natural gas assets and built import terminals - when Progressives liked natural gas because it was very expensive and from insecure countries.

      Make it clear we want rational economic and energy policy. Then let our superior entrepreneurial American companies complete. Pipe lines and local utilities can easily extend service. Remember the pipes to our homes have plenty of capacity to fill a car while we sleep.

      Fact is big political oil always does what Progressives want so they can maintain high prices. Drilling at great depths offshore when there are hundreds of years of oil on land in the lower 48 alone. So Big Progressive Oil 'invested' Potemkin villages of base load wind mills and solar panels while saying very little about the cruel insanity of corn ethanol.

      That really has more to do with the Progressive crony capitalism of the EPA creating 50 regionally unique blends of gasoline so the refiners do not face competition. Then Progressives blame the outcome on Progressive political big oil

      All Obama need do is HONESTLY say he want home fuel commuter cars and it will happen. Free of Progressive deceit pure simple rational economics will drive adoption.

      All Americans need from Big Progressive Oil companies is active drilling. Our American entrepreneurs will make it happen if Obama and the Progressive collective just gets out of the way.

      One man is the President of America. Although 50% of the people did not hold him responsible for the worst economic performance in 70 years that does not change our sad reality.

      My goodness our natural gas is selling for $20 a barrel. But our economy cannot benefit from it because Obama said natural gas once in four years but did not mean it. Obama will not man up so rational responsible Americans need to hold him accountable for empty promises and record poor economic performance. Not embracing our nature gas set our economy way back from where it should be.

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