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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Nov 25, 2012 12:44 PM Flag

    Bakken Profitability

    I already told you at least twice how many wells Hess does have on one pad....

    SIX wells on a TEN acre pad with each verticle having TWO laterals.

    Each lateral will produce 500,000 to 600,000 Barrels of oil.
    The EUR is posted by them at ONE Million....but it may be 1.2 million or may be more if you base it on their past well results.

    The cost is posted by Hess at $11 Million each well from last year. Prices are now maybe a little less since prices have falling a little since late last year.

    The 30 day IP is also posted for each lateral....they show each well at 1,000 boepd for a 30 day IP rate.

    Go read what was posted about a half dozen times and stop asking the same stupid question.

    What is your problem?

    Why don't you go check (don't believe me...go look for yourself) so you do not keep asking the same thing in ten different ways?

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    • You are my problem, posting fantastical expetctations.

      How long will that well last, @ 500,000 EUR and 1,000 BOE/d?

      I'll give you a day or two to figure it out.

      • 3 Replies to rlp2451
      • You are either just a clown or just trying to mislead ....again.

        On this:
        "How long will that well last, @ 500,000 EUR and 1,000 BOE/d?"

        That question is irrelevant....and it is not an EUR of 500,000..... it is an EUR of one million for Hess bakken wells because of the Hess well design.
        Each verticle well will produce 1 million Balrrels on average and use Two laterals.

        I expect that that will eventually change from two laterals, to three, then four, then many more...and save lots of well cost..... as well costs fall in the Bakken for multi well pads.

        That is what Hess had published.

        That NOW implies (using the State of ND numbers of $20 Million net profit for each typical Bakken well) that EACH Hess Bakken Well will return $32+ Million NET PROFIT.

        We all understand why you do not like the facts....but those are the facts based on what is posted by the State of ND & what Hess has posted for their Bakken Well design and their 1 Million EURs.

        Why don't you call around and see if you can figure out a way to twist what they published into another one of your fairytales and who know..

        .........maybe you can find out from some alternative research service or your crystal ball, that they are miscalculating, and that there is no oil in ND after all?

      • To respond to this nonsense.... I will do it one more time...
        "As usual, you're alleged math abilities do not match your fantasies. Like I asked before, if there are 14 wells on a pad, you'll say it's 7 million EURs. And it may take you more than a week to figue out how long a well will last @ 1000 BOE/Day if it has 500,000 EUR.

        Despite searching I can find nowhere it says Hess has declared they have one well that produces 1,000,000 EUR.

        I think you should use this math:

        1,000,000 EUR/well in the Bakken* 50,000 wells* $100 oil=$5 quadrillion dollars, or more money than has ever been printed in history."

        to clear up the distortion we will carve out exactly what the distortion that you portray is.

        On this:
        " if there are 14 wells on a pad, you'll say it's 7 million EURs."
        That is irrelevant and it is incorrect.

        Hess has ONE MILLION EUR Bakken

        This is also irrelevant and it is incorrectand your typical stupid remark which seems to add your ignorance to the prior errors in information that you already posted.
        "figue out how long a well will last @ 1000 BOE/Day if it has 500,000 EUR."

        On this:
        1,000,000 EUR/well in the Bakken* 50,000 wells* $100 oil=$5 quadrillion dollars, or more money than has ever been printed in history."

        That math is incorrect.

        The Williston basin fully developed if you use Mr. Hamm's 50,000 more wells, the NET profit from the state of ND & also my adjusted number for Hess wells ....then it is about $1.626 Trillion.....where did you get quadrillion from.....still cannot use a calculator?


      • On this:
        'I think you just made the Hess info up, as usual. Show us where it is, that Hess claims 1,000,000 EUR per well (not pad.)"

        I told you where the info came from....specifically.

        It is stated in the if you want to know...go re-read it (or in the other thread).

        Furthermore, that info was not edited by me but it was cut and pasted and it was put out by hess.

        In addition, I could care less if you believe the numbers and where they came from.

        I mmentioned exactly where the numbers came from....

        So to review because you are a little slow these days:
        The $20,000,000 NET Profit for each bakken well came from the State of ND.

        The 1 million EUR came from an article about Hess from about a year ago 7 was checked with the Hess Development presentation for the Bakken....1 Million EUR....and they do use pad drilling...why that matters is only in your mind.

        The adjusted NET profit number comes from the EUR that the state of ND used 7 the 1 Million EUR that Hess uses....1,000,000/ 615,000= 1.626

        1.626 X $20,000,000 = ~ $32,520,000 NET profit for each bakken well

        Then Mr. Hamm's estimate for the number of wells still to be drilled... 50, 000 more wells needed to develop the basin.

        50,000 x ~ $32,520,000= ~ $1.626 Trillion Net PROFIT when fully developed using merely today's technology & methods.

        ......seems like a fair rough estimate....since there is no consideration for decreased well costs, or efficiencies, or advances in technology that will happen during those years, no addition beyond the present recovery of 5% to 8% which also leaves more than 90% of the oil in place...... for secondary and tertiary recovery methods....all left out of even being considered.

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