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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Nov 26, 2012 1:08 PM Flag

    Rig activity changes from one year ago

    The Baker Hughes website had a function to compare all of the plays so that is the data they have.
    Since you commented about it....The mondak Oilfield review has 31 for Montana, one in SD for Continental, & 183 drilling in ND....they do have more current dates than Baker Hughes but I am not sure when they post their I also checked with the State of ND....who has 184 rigs operating in ND as of TODAY.....

    Hope that clears things up for you, since you do seem to pretend to be confused.

    Now on this that you wrote:
    "What? You're now using Baker Hughes info (when it suits you) instead Wild Bill's Goat Ranch?
    I can help you with your ROI calculations if you are having trouble. This is a one-time-only Cyber Monday offer, though."

    Your posts are are just lots of unhappy-sounding-negative-nonsense for the most part, and it kinda reminds me of kids TV from remind me of a new Batman character....Instead of clownie...maybe something like "The Heckler"

    Re-read them....Most of your posts seem like they are just pretty meaningless heclkling.

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    • Just taking lessons from you, the Master.

    • The Heckler

      Nice Sand.

      I would point out the RLP Heckler is truly an American villain.

      Supports starve human beings for Progressive corn base ethanol corruption.
      A Gasland true believer by his own posts who spends day ever day trying to obfuscate the massive positives American natural gas can do for Americans with jobs, lower cost, lower co2 and improved capital investment.
      A real Oil Drum believe too that joined in as a member of the MysteryXcult of peak oil today nonsense.

      The only way to explain its villainous daily efforts is that Progressivism is a 'new age' primitive religion for them. It certainly is not science as requiring they back up their mindless claims is 'insulting'. Therefore under their concept of emotion based freedom of expression they can vote on it rather than rationally defend their claims.

      As Washington wrote on our first Official day of Thanks Giving. One of the most important gifts to be grateful for was our Constitution and the diffusion of USEFUL KNOWLEDGE.

      Freedom of speech and press is to insure we can reason objectively together.

      It is and was the correction to self absorbed anti-social emotion based freedom of expression. My feelings are hurt, we voted on it so by law as nothing more than majority will equally applied we win.

      Of course the equally applied never has worked in the history of people.

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