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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 26, 2012 5:08 PM Flag

    OT Norris

    Forgive me but it was the Spanish socialist/progressive party which contrary to all logic figure they would export 'clean' solar power. The result is reported 25% unemployment.

    Germany can no longer afford all the massive subsidies in their own economy and are cutting back. They will however export 'alternative' energy technology to where ever progressive socialists can trick enough people into believing it is economically viable.

    Perhaps what you read about was Germany prematurely shutting down their nuclear plants and the progressive/socialist/environmentalists finding there is no extra tax payer money in the till to take?

    "German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government plans to cap renewable-energy subsidies when capacity reaches national targets as the administration seeks to cut the cost to consumers of its decision to phase out nuclear power.

    The state would end payments to wind and biomass as limits are reached, Environment Minister Peter Altmaier said of plans that lawmakers will debate next year, without giving the limits.

    “The energy switch is the biggest economic project of the post-World War II era,” Altmaier, who is responsible for the legislation, told reporters today in Berlin. The government will “fundamentally” reform the system to make renewables compete at market prices “as quickly as possible,” he said."

    German natural gas is priced by Russia at about the same BTU value as oil. But even this is not enough to over come the real economic cost of 'alternative energy'. Nor can the true cost be hidden with something as ultra clean and low cost like a modern nuke plant.

    Of course the above would not be necessary if the real economic cost of 'alternatives' was remotely near to natural gas priced at world oil markets.

    Germany's best bet would be ultra modern poly-generation coal plants the Chinese are working on with our technology from companies like GE. But now that secular paganism is the only approved religion even the Germans are losing touch with rationality in government policy.

    Sadly there is no way to know how anything built on irrational emotions will work out. But Europe is more than broke and that is the reality. I do not believe they will be able to go forward with closing down zero cost (sunk cost) nuclear and replacing it with sources which vastly exceed the cost of international oil. But I really do not know if they will come to responsibility and rationality or their delusions will continue until economic reality forces them to stop.

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