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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Dec 2, 2012 10:39 PM Flag


    To answer your question from before.

    North Dakota's oil production from 2002 to 2011 that they post:


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    • Thank you Sand.

      This is what RLP is really trying to obfuscate from fellow Americans. An answer to our jobs, cost and energy needs.

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      • norris, a short list was posted claiming to be bakken Dry Holes and it is worth checking each to see what it really is sinced you cannot really know sometimes just from how they are listed. there is usually some added info and this is a good example below.

        So, I got a bit curiuos to double check.

        Especially because Lynn Helms did clearly state at a conference last year that there were none in North Dakota out of 1,300+ wells drilled that year.

        So, why would there be any now becomes the question.....and there are some interesting possibilities, like this one discussed at Million Dollar Way for example.

        Please notice that all of the discussion about it being a GAS well was not even mentioned by your familiar OLB there is a pretty good reason that no oil is being produced......and it is not even a horizontal well it is a GAS vertical well.....also not even mentioned., what do you think?

        "21235, 0, BTA Oil, Sharon 1, Winnipeg pool, wildcat, t2/12; cum 0 4/12.
        This was a vertical well drilled as a natural gas well.

        That speaks volumes, as far as I'm concerned, considering all that I have posted regarding natural gas the last few days, and the price of natural gas, dry and wet. I will have stand-alone post on this. But a huge "thank you" to "anonymous" for providing background regarding this well. At the stand-alone post, I will include the production figures so far provided.

        Bruce, I live in the area of the BTA oil, Sharon 1 well, and it was a vertical gas well. A huge gas flare lit up the sky for many days here, and rumor is that its being hooked up to an MDU gas pipeline.

        Wow, thank you. I did not know that, obviously. I am learning as I go along. That is critically important and I will note that in the body of the post, as well as a stand-alone.

        Most of us think of the Bakken as an oil play, and ONEOK's natural gas play as taking the by-product that was being flared. I am not aware of a lot of natural gas plays in the Williston Basin. I know that Montana is well known for its gas play; that may be where MDU drills most of its gas wells.

        Great note; thank you so much for taking time to comment. Give me a few minutes to update."

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