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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Dec 6, 2012 7:25 PM Flag

    Linn total return vs Alerian index total return

    Don't worry someday some readers here might forget what you wrote about Mr. Rockov.

    And, while you kept insisting more and more, the only thing that I remember that was eventually actually discredited was your incorrect claim that Mr. Rockov lied when he said that Linn returned almost TWICE the Alerian index since Linn went public.....isn't that correct?

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    • Yes, that's correct. When you use the right Alerian index, it was incorrect to state that LINN had returned more. Unclear but that may have referred to the AMZ (non total return index) rather than AMZX, making it an apples to oranges comparison when compared against LINE's total return.

      Beyond that, you are boring. I'm not going to reopen that old argument. Haven't you got anything better to do. We have all expressed our opinions on the subject. You want us all to repeat them agan now?

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      • No, you tried to make it unclear....but Mr. Rockov was clear in what he said at Enercom.

        It was the Alerian TOTAL RETURN and it is specified on the Linn Presentation slide....go look at the bottom of the slide.

        The one you insisted that it could not be...up until it was so obvious that you were incorrect that the slide was right there and could no longer be denied.

        Same thing with the QRE incentive FEE, that you said did not exist until Jack posted the language.....

        And there are a few other funny ones.

        Glad you think I am boring......

        I think you are one funny poster who is usually incorrect with a Jack-wanna-be issue.

      • There was no argument. You have no clue about investments or investment theory. Not even the most basic concepts. Period.

    • Yes sand why bring up something that is a year old and has been beat to death. Is it becuase you wnat to try and stir up trouble. Which of course you never do as you claim. A year old conversation that has been settled.

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