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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Dec 9, 2012 5:26 PM Flag

    another incredibly stupid statement by norris which is 1 of many

    Yes rlp,

    He is a real beauty. Now he is trying to explain his way out of that stupid statement. Of course changing the heading as he usually does. Not a word can be believed by this big dummy, becuase of his thinking and his hellll bent way against the US and Obama. His boy Mitt lost and still has his money sheltered against the demise of our country as norris see's it. he makes things sound smart but comes up short of making sence and having any common sence.

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    • About $1 trillion cash on balance sheets in America
      About $1 trillion cash earned in other countries not brought back.

      Common sense would be how do we encourage these companies to invest this money in America?
      As we see with Obama/Progressive Solyndra, A123 and others totaling up to a billion dollar loss of tax payers money is just an oh well.

      We need corporations to invest and instead we have scare them more with punishment and anger.
      This is exactly why no Progressive country has ever had a stable and vibrant economy. Cash piles up not to hoard it but as insurance until Americans elect some responsible adults.

      Boy what is it about secular pagans and their winter solstice season? Angry and mean spirit.

      Hey the spirit of Christmas is good will towards all people! Much better.

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