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  • genetuck genetuck Dec 10, 2012 2:35 AM Flag

    Good time for OLB members to explain why they were wrong about the relative value of LINE and LNCO

    I don't remember joining any group called "OLB" but I'll give my opinion that LNCO is worth a few pennies less than LINE. That's why I sold all my LINE in October for $40.90 a unit, and used the money to buy LNCO for $37.87 a share. So far I'm extremely happy about those trades.
    Who are the OLB members and what did they say LNCO is worth? What did you say it's worth?
    Do you have a link to their comments?

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    • Oh you were her for all the OLB prattle about how LNCO had to be worthless than LINE.

      That is part of the OLB game. demonstrate ignorance and then pretend it never happened.

      This is why we have proof RLP is a gasland and oil drum believer. On a energy board 24/7.

      Also all the OLB knows full well that I said both were worth very very close to the same. Based on math not an opinion. But of course this will be an attempt at history rewrite as well.

      A part of the OLB occult investment theory based on Progressive values. ;-)

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      • Oh you were her for all the OLB prattle about how LNCO had to be worthless than LINE.

        WE want you to supply the posts from each person that said such a thing. The proof of your claim sence you started this accusation. The proof norris that LNCO is worthless compared to LINE. Or be gone with . This is why a few of us switched from LINE to LNCO because we think LNCO is worthless. Yea right ok. Show us the posts from everyone confirming your accusatory statement.

      • Also all the OLB knows full well that I said both were worth very very close to the same.

        No norris this isn't about you as you wish to make this. This is about you accusing others of writing something that we didn't. I want to see the proof of posts from you showing we all said what we said.

    • Yes, this ought to be interesting. On second thought, no it won't.

    • Yes Gene,

      The OLB is norris's superficial thought pattern that everyone is against him and wants to occupy the line board. Thus OLB derived from the Qccupy Wallstreet gang. He has quite the imagination. Now i guess he is saying we all are against LINE and LNCO when we own them both at 1 time. I did what you did and he knows this as well. I put all the money from LINE into LNCO. But norris likes playing the politico game because he dislikes Ob's so considers us his enemy. Even though we are all for nat gas being the surface fuel. But for some reason he can't get this throuigh his teeny tiny brain and thought patter. He would rather argue that we dislike nat gas and want to see wind mills and solar panels everywhere. Even though no one has ever said such a thing. So yes i would like to see his reposts of all of us saying we hate nat gas and what we have said LNCO is worth. personaly i have no idea what it is worth for it is an investment and day to day doesn't matter. Good luck in getting a true explanation from him without a long drawn speech about how he will fight for our freedom but doesn;t have to live under such tyranist people. He is kind of lost in the world of realism and lives in his world of everyone is against me attitude.

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      • Opinions, I think Norris had a good mind at one time, but his obsessions crippled his thought processes. I wasted my time responding to his post. I didn't get an understandable and coherent reply addressed to me. All he did was re-issue the same proclamations that constantly fill his brain. I probably won't go through this useless process again.

      • Gene,
        Lets not forget that he paniced before and after the election telling evetyone they need to adjust their port because everything is going down hill with Ob's being elected. He predicted the demise of the stock market after the election of Ob's. But it dipped as usual after the election and now is up. So he doesn't know what to do. But he wanted people to panic with him when we said what for.

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