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  • lizahuang54321 lizahuang54321 Dec 17, 2012 6:42 PM Flag

    Selling Puts

    Don't understand about selling options, either I see.
    Did you not notice that he said "which I'd be astonished to see happen"?
    He is assuming it will not get that low and gets to keep the premium as 'free money'.
    I get one third of my portfolio income from doing this.

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    • I don't know what Sand wrote, as I have him on Ignore along with Norris, but you nicely encapsulated my point.

    • You're wasting your time, Liza. How understands very little about much of anything, although he has Norris believing he does.

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      • You two (or one)....which ever it really is....with the army of made up names in tow as you go... can believe what you matter how incorrect it is.

        Maybe the really is no oil in North dakota and it is all made up?

        ........need some examples?

        QRE....down 11% total returnin the last year....oh, but I remember someone stating that it has "promise"

        Oh, but Jack was wrong.......ha.....yet when he sold his MLPs and bought MTGE...he is up almost 50% total return. And how are almost all the MLPs doing during that period?

        Then there was the comment about Linn Energy returning almost double the Alerian index since Linn went public which was stated clearly by Mr. Rockov at Enercom....
        .......but that became some unbelievable debate until it was illustrated on a Linn presentation slide which specified the TOTAL RETURNS so it could no longer be a debate.

        Then there was the incentive fee that QRE actually does have that was later twisted into oh but there are really "no IDRs"

        Then there was......
        so, about how many do want to review?

        you are kinda like heckle & jeckle

      • Actually me and any one who can read understanding Sand does.

        Same reason by repeated and repeatable academic testing we know all the claims of performance or secret knowledge of Occupy Line Boarder troopers are simple public expression of your delusion.

        Now the occult investment club can regularly beat the cybernetic and fuzzy logic software doing most of the trades nano second by nano second.

        Options do not add value only change expected risk and return rates. As no person can foreknow all the information which will drive the market in the short term and options are wasting assets which are efficiently prices nano by nano second there is no city of gold.

      • I would like to edit that that book you saythat you can write about Linn energy....especially the detailed chapter on how Linn Energy hedges.

        Please do not forget the debate poin(s) on why it does not trade like a bond even though they are almost 100% hedged, and that the upside is preserved to some percentage and provided by the percentage of the deravative mix that is made of puts.

        And as far as your ability to "Point proven" or prove anything so far the method is merley by claiming that you proved it.....and that is proof of anything...just the claim that it happened.

    • All that stuff you wrote that you seem to believe...does anyone else believe it?

      And, I did not change the subject, but merely pointed out that there is a long list of things that you post about that you insist are one way that are just simply incorrect and when they are pointed out to you.. just insist more, then hurl the adhominum attacks, and eventally are shown just how wrong you were........and it is a repeating pattern...

      ........If you want to see examples, just go re-read last March & last December if you need some details about all of your nonsense.

      And on this:
      "His dredged up facts are wrong anyway. I always maintained from the very post post that QRE had no IDRs, even provided links to presentations that highlight it. And it doesn't have IDRs so he is still wrong (and very boring)."

      It may be boring to you, but that is not what you said at first....while everyone knows that there are no first claimed that there were NO INCENTIVE FEES....which is not correct....right?

      Jack proved that....not by merely claiming proof like your buddie does, but by posting the language that describes how it is determined direct from the company.

      You later twisted that into no IDRs only after Jack went to the co language and he posted the wording that specifically stated how the incentive fee is determined.

      You want to see it again?

      It is there to be found with a search....go look at it.

      That was discussed at length but if you need to see it again, Jack's posts are searchable for anyone who wants to see exactly what you did say and what Jack posted to correct your misunderstandings.

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      • Go ahead and waste your time. I always said QRE had no IDRs because it was in the context of the stupid position of your group that all IDRs are evil. That was the main reason I mentioned it back them.

        Please go ahead and look for it - probably 6-9 months ago on this board - and tell us what you find.

        Anyway it is just more idiotic changing of subject from you because you just demonstrated that you know zero about options (nothing shameful about that) and can't bear to admit it. Therefore, immediately change the subject - post a page of 50 charts (except that yahoo won't let you anymore) or go back to the same tired subjects of IDRs, what Mr Rockov said in some slide, or who said what about QRE.
        Who the hell cares about this outside of your small mind? Nobody except norris is the answer.

      • "This is what Jack wrote:
        "MANAGEMENT INCENTIVE FEES (contradicting Liza's assertion there are none)"

        You need to go back further - that was in response to my stating that there are no IDRs.
        See, just like you, when presented with a FACT (that QRE had no IDRs), he changed the subject and started talking about a different type of incentive arrangement. Perhaps he imagines the ideal company where there are no incentive arrangements at all including no management salary or bonuses. The point (which he and you always try to avoid) has always been that they have no IDRs, with the tier of increasing cash flow percentage going to the GP.

        Why do we have to keep talking about that. Is your life so poor that you have nothing better to do that re-open ancient arguments? You may have noticed I visit this board much less frequently than in the past. And when I do visit I skip the majority of threads because almost all of them are just you and norris trying to pick fights with stupid arguments about who said what a few years ago. I have better ways to enjoy life and the profits of my investing.

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