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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Dec 17, 2012 4:14 PM Flag

    Sand help me yahoo keeps erasing my posts and i know they are important

    Why not try Merry Christmas with the spirit of peace on earth and good will towards all people! Even you respecting your potential to embrace your humanity

    Why don't you do as you say and not as you do. Your post was as angry as it gets towards your fellow persons. As are all of your posts towards those you don't understand. But yet you hide behind your false walls with that statement. You aren't a man you are a mad little boy. But maybe santa will bring you a new bippy.

    Merry Christmas and peace on earth good will towards all.

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    • More monkey see monkey do does not improve the earth my friend.

      "Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem, look around and consider, search through her squares. If you can find but one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth, I will forgive this city."

      Jon encouraging the pagans to get drunk and dance about the stones naked; like they do now days again in Mr, Varney's (merry) old England, is not so far off from what christmas degenerated into before the second American Awakening. Protestants knew it was just a picked day to encourage the pagans to be better than they were and so did not observe it.

      So Americans accepted the example of Dicken's literature, after willingly fighting to end slavery, put to the side 'strict' Reformation Theology and brought Christmas back as a time of friends and families. Far better than allowing the pagans to engage in general drunken debauchery inclusive of chasing down beating Catholic/Jews.

      No real surprise the Progressive do everything they can to put it back the way it was except they really do believe the pagans will behave differently this time around. But that is the nature of ignorance and the hubris which always attends it. Take more than a bit of delusion to believe they can perfect man to caring nihilism.

      It is Jon's secular pagan 'religion' he would impose which makes me afraid. History is full of what pagans do around the solstice, if not given something better to think upon.

      Americans focused on peace on earth and good will towards all people is better for every one. Intelligent, sharp edgy? Merry Christmas!

      "you can find but one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth, I will forgive this city"

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