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  • ghondula ghondula Dec 18, 2012 5:28 PM Flag

    This is all i want for Christmas

    I think you better learn a few facts before engaging your senseless opinions. "Do hunters use semi auto guns for hunting?" The #1 selling hunting rifle sold in the US is the AR-15. Is it semi auto? Yes! Do you even know what semi auto means? It means when you pull the trigger you fire 1 shot and the gun ejects the spent cartridge. While you're at it, brush up on your spelling & grammar so you don't continue to advertise your ignorance to the world.

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    • Read what ghondula just said. Your English and grammar are a problem even if you have a point. Spell check is easy to use.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • an older semi auto fires 800 rounds per minute. So yes i know what a semi auto gun does, The fatser you pull the trigger the more rounds are dispersed. So would you admit that this type of gun is used for killing or protection in your house?

      Grammer yes well it happens. Know one really knows me. Could be just the way i write/right. Which is it?

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      • Evil exists and it can fill man's heart.

        Did strict gun control laws and general poverty save the 50,000 Mexicans slaughtered over the past few years for drug profits and power?

        Did Chicago strict gun laws save any one?

        More than 2x as many gang-related drug murders in Chicago this year as casualties in Afghanistan

        Time for responsible Americans to take the time to understand what enabled this slaughter of all our children. More Progressive nihilism as an unthinking response is not acceptable to rational Americans. We let you run wild for over two generations now and it is worse not better.

        What has the power to lift human spirits above nihilism and wanton destruction? What creates healthy social connections which require individual virtue? What brings hope?

      • OK...Think it through. If you have to pull the trigger each time you fire 1 round, then you're saying that an older semi auto fires 800 rounds per minute. That means that someone was able to pull the trigger over 13.3 times per SECOND! Perhaps you're confusing a semi auto with a full automatic which continues to fire as long as you hold down the trigger. Once again, I suggest you engage your thought processes before you start spouting gibberish. GET A CLUE!

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