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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Dec 22, 2012 1:01 PM Flag

    "completely resolved points"

    This that you wrote is a clear mischaracterization done in the style that caused the initial problem with that discussion.

    "If it's completely resolved then why are you intent on arguing about it every chance you get?
    Seems you are not convinced it's resolved."

    I am not interested in argueing with anyone or intent on anything.....and, just made that up...
    .......................and, you are just an annoyance

    To clear up your confusion,

    It was resolved as far as I am concerned when I first heard the comments come direct from the VP of Linn Energy at Enercom, during the presentation when Mr. Rockov stated clearly during his presentation, that Linn Energy returned almost double the return of the Alerian index since Linn went public in 2006.

    TOTAL RETURNS..... like the slide show on the Linn presentations.

    You twisted that into some kind of a debate based on your fantasy about which alerian index.... when you already knew that he said it, since the time-location in the presentation was also posted for everyone (including you) to hear it along with the link to his presentation.....There was no denying it, yet you went on and on and on.......while knowing you were incorrect.

    So either your computer does not have speakers,
    you just go looking to bother posters with your annoying remarks that you know are incorrect.

    It is you who go looking for arguements and then twist the facts around and accuse the person who posted the proof that you were with that point about Linn's total return being almost double that of the Alerian index. follow that type of a pattern.

    You write/build a strawman in your comments, so that you can knock it down, your favorite logical fallacy of affirming the consequent is already a bit overused, you can't do the math on your own to check on facts so you just accuse others of being unable, when you know that we see that you are wrong about a point being discussed you then alert everyone to it by posting adhominum attacks........ we already saw it all.

    It is like a routine.....over and over.

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