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  • norrishappy norrishappy Dec 19, 2012 4:59 PM Flag

    If Chinese coal plants were so efficient, why did they shut them down during the Olympics so the atheletes could breath ?

    "Then get the #$%$ out of our beautiful country and move to polluted china you #$%$n malcontent symbiotic #$%$. I mean every word of this. "

    How collectivist Progressive of you! But record and sustained mass unemployment with dramatically falling living standards is not acceptable to me. Insisting the insane and now proven insane corruption around alternative energy is an economic drag and left unchecked can turn us into Spain.

    Not when by Just common sense we can lower pollution, create jobs, lift living standards and reduce CO2 all at the same time with our domestic natural gas right here at LINE.

    It is quite the delusion you have going that the American Christians are backwards.

    I mean really how do you explain the completely dogmatic anger of the secular Progressive pagans like you who are now threatening banishment for your version of incorrect thinking?

    Look I am for free Speech and rationality in discussion is critical while your childish emotions are not. Would it be loving of me to patronize your primitive condition so you can continue to live in the not so blissful childish state of self absorption?

    My goodness man this is a natural gas board. We have the solution.

    Merry Christmas. Iron sharpens iron and the Blessing of God's Liberty comes with the duty to be honest and just as none can be perfect. So we reason together HONESTLY.

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