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  • norrishappy norrishappy Dec 19, 2012 6:52 PM Flag

    See what you have done Tiny Jon by running off and leaving your audience alone on the longest coldest night of secular Paganism?

    "You deserve no christmas or forgiveness from our lord above"

    No imperfect person earns God's Grace. We can accept it and make the effort to be better each morning.

    I am no universalist but I am also mindful of My Christ's statement he has others not of this fold.

    At the same time the Good Book provides some very clear examples of pagan and heathen 'rites' that certainly are not in this fold. Most all the old pagan winter solstice stuff is covered. But still the early church did honor Cicero as a Just pagan. I logically agree with their opinion. He was a Pagan who could meet the Framers definition of Patriot.

    I believe God gifts Americans Liberty and free will. I will protect your right to be a social free loader who uses the gift of liberty for nothing more than self absorption. But you have no authority to alter my conscience as to the nature of your behavior. But I will say the Occupy Wall Street Pagans has no right to indulge their beliefs at society's expense and danger.

    You as an American have a right to be a pagan, in America. But being a pagan is no excuse for unjust or uncivilized behavior. True Progressive do not agree but then there is nothing left of our Founding Philosophy or traditions in their agenda or demands.


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