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  • norrishappy norrishappy Dec 30, 2012 4:49 PM Flag

    A bit of what you post is good but 98% is total BS and unrelated to stocks and investing.

    Simply because the delusions the OLB members post is 100% counter to all scientific or academic knowledge on the subject of modern investment theory.

    If the OLB troopers would reject their personal wanton ignorance and read then we could all escaped the completely negative gravity of your condition. But you refuse to escape your poverty.

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    • It is to bad because you keep kicking the can down the road like the fiasco at hand. Instead of working with others. You really don't take compliments very well. That shows a person that wants it all and has a careless attitude.

    • Again you tell everyone what to do and not wanting to be open towards everyone here. That is to bad because you do have SOME contributing posts but always have to add in that swipe at the board members here. just like what you picked out of my post so you could make a ill gotten reference that has NO relevance.

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      • Given the above proven by Sand in your own type, would any rational person trust anything the RLP collective has to say on the matter of American domestic energy gas board? .Nice thing about the internet, none of you can escape your tails even as you pretend they do not exist. Of course you get very angry when Sand finds them and pulls your covers off them.

        Now if a contributing post goes completely against all the scientific observation available all rational people are expected to assume it is true without explanation? That is a demand of primitive religion and nothing to do with objective reasoning.

        That is all the Lixa factor is - a void of learning, thought and reason by choice - and demand?

        Now how do we connect such behavior to the establishment clause of our Constitution?

        Is secular paganism just blind faith in the perfectibility of man's nature and therefore very primitive religion? Unsound religion by the definition of Ben Franklin? Ben Franklin a philosophical follower of Jesus and therefore not a Christian?

        Look I protect all the OLB right to freedom of speech as you not I am responsible for demonstrating defective rather than simply immature personal character. The collective has freedom of association. So if there is no merit in what I say why is the collective always so angry and upset?

        What I say about market efficiency is true. Therefore all the OLB claims are hollow foolishness. Only Graham and Dodd fundamental valuation can beat the market. Nothing else can and even G&D goes long stretches were it does not.

      • except to be nasty.............

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