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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 3, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

    First thing a business which uses energy does it check electricity rates and make sure it will remain low

    "The erosion of U.S. manufacturing also has contributed to the consumption slowdown. Industrial electricity use, which includes manufacturing, accounts for about a quarter of the nation's total. From 1998 to 2010, the electricity used for manufacturing fell 18% as industrial processes grew more efficient and companies produced fewer goods in the U.S."

    It is no accident pipes run south for processing of domestic energy. The South has been very good at insuring they maintain a diversified generation base from low cost sources. They have also limited 'alternative energy' to logical areas focusing on rationally sited wind mills and biomass with waste as the input.

    Unfortunately Obama's radical EPA forcing coal plants out of business and most especially modern plants with long remain useful life dramatically increases electricity costs. Further from the WJS piece utilities looking to offset the impact of our horrible economy are more than happy to scrap and replace with high regulated rates of return along with full recovery of coal capacity capital loss.

    Recapturing manufacturing requires low cost energy. American industry is already the most energy efficient in the world.

    Yes, vast unemployment is good for pollution levels. That is the new Progressive religion of humanity hating earth goddess first.

    "The slower pace of growth in electricity use may be helping the environment, since most of the nation's electricity still comes from burning fossil fuels. But it has power companies scrambling to trim spending or redirect capital investment, to improve their profits regardless of consumption patterns."

    American emission have been flat. Yea! Unemployment is great.

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    • corporate america also loves high unemployment as there is a scramble among workers for the "right to work" for low wages (although who will buy what corporations sell when the middle class disappears is another issue). The Conservative religion of corporate profits over worker rights and the environment is not exactly humanity loving either, mr. happy

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