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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 6, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    RRB is simply another Progressive farce poster

    Far beyond his level of understanding. Not only simple investment concepts and theory but most specifically the domestic energy industry.

    Simple as that. Even you understand it which is why you are top posting in a vain attempt to cover up its obvious and constant basic mistakes, errors and intentional deceptions.

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    • norris I am responding here becaus of the lack of a reply button...

      On this:
      "Linn's gas hedges have been in steady decline which has forced them to make signficant acquisitions to shore up DCF. You seem to like to ignore this.."

      I am not ignoring anything.

      I just pointed out WHY the repeated chorus by you alerting all of us to the calamity of the natural gas hedges price falling a little.... probably MEANS NOTHING.

      I explaine it twice and directed you (and everyone else interested) to go and LOOKat the OIL hedges price....

      NOT to divert interest in the gas hedges but to see what may happen to the gas hedges....BECAUSE in ONLY ONE YEAR.....the hedge price WENT UP about $8.....for oil for the same year...

      ...I will post the specific slides if you need it but you are really being a pain an we all know now since you did find the exit rate on Linn slides that you are fully capable of finding what i described now THREE GO LOOK.

      We all look forward to the actual number increases for the oil hedges as an illustration, so you will see what probably will also happen to the gas hedges (they do change) sometime before 2017.

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      • Hi Sand,

        RRB is just playing his deception monkey part.

        "Linn's gas hedges have been in steady decline which has forced them to make signficant acquisitions to shore up DCF. You seem to like to ignore this..

        First RRB claimed Hogshooter value was diluted by acquisitions.
        Now it claims acquisitions were necessary to shore up DCF.

        It seems it does remember it made a claim that natural gas liquids could be hedged so it does not prattle about a real risk factor. BUt with ethane being rejected it really cannot get worse.

      • Does it really matter that much to you sand.Or do you want to keep argueing with no real purpose. Everytime someone gives you an answer to one of your questions. You come back with another game changing question. There really is no end to your question game. One answer leads to another question from you. The answers are infinite and so are your boring #$%$zzzzz questions. You supply NO answers to your own questions. Such as when i saked you for the drilling count for hogshooter in 2013. because i don't know the number. I bet your buddy norris doesn't know either or he would of answered long ago. You do realise norris deferes to you for numbers because he doesn"t know as well.

      • Just so long as you recognize that Linn was forced to undergo massive equity issuance via acquisitions in order to shore up the hole in the DCF due to the falling gas hedges. I might add that they continue to fall.

    • What are your reasons for calling RRB a progressive farce poster?

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