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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 11, 2013 7:40 PM Flag

    Progressive Dark Age Religion

    So what we have are posters who refuse to read the science of investing. Make regular claims that they do not need to because miracles happen and they always make money.

    They group together and attack a poster who has read and can discuss, as the heretic. .Progressives are attempting to transform the term uncivil into the equivalent of Progressive heretic.

    But the Progressive collectivists on this board really never have stopped to reason through how they are so easily manipulated by politics. Which has in fact become nothing more than dark age enforced collectivism.

    The Reformation Christians with their personal relationship with God; with no need for intermediation, are the problem. The people who created the first Republic which has improved the human condition more than any other event in human history. We are the ones who are anti-science when in fact it was the Reformation societies which birthed the scientific method. In fact history shows collectivist societies never have and never will match our speed of innovation.

    The secret of course is what our Founders created to secure. The development of God's Gift of talent to each of his unique creations made in His image. Public education has always been a critical element of Reformation Guided Reason as society is best served by developed individual talents.

    In fact often we are surprised ourselves at what we can achieve. It is indeed a wonder.

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