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  • vette_999 vette_999 Jan 19, 2013 12:34 PM Flag

    No One is very disappointed with Jon Stewart

    Norris don't forget to take your pills today...or else its cut and past garbage for rest of weekend.

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    • Did you have something to discus? ;-)


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      • norris,
        maybe he was just checking a chart for a new-er double bottom?

        This may be more interesting:

        On July 25, 2012, the Pipeline Authority published the final results from the BENTEK Energy natural gas production and transportation study. The full report is available for free download at the following Pipeline Natural Gas Production

        The primary study objective regarding natural gas production was to investigate
        the relationship between the crude oil and natural gas production from a typical
        Bakken well over time. This relationship is known in the petroleum industry as
        gas-oil-ratio (GOR). The study concluded that over time, the GOR of a typical well
        is expected to increase as the reservoir pressure is reduced due to petroleum
        production. In other words, the overall oil and natural gas will decline as the well
        ages; however, the natural gas production is not expected to decline as quickly
        in the long term. This seemingly small difference between the oil and natural gas
        decline rates has major implications for the overall natural gas production from
        the region when you figure in the number of wells it will take to fully develop the
        Bakken resource.

        Using data obtained from the study, the Pipeline Authority has recently released
        a natural gas forecast that estimates North Dakota could be producing 2.0-2.4
        billion cubic feet of natural gas each day in the late 2020’s. This is up from North
        Dakota’s current natural gas production of roughly 0.72 billion cubic feet per
        day. North Dakota can expect to see continued investment in local natural gas
        gathering and processing in order to handle the expected increase in production.

        About 7,000 miles of pipesnow in ND...And, so far & 52% of oil moving out by Railroads (ND RR % data from Oct. 2012).

        And....someone may want to explain that a with thirteen zeroes is almost 2/3 of the USA GDP......and lots of money...LOTS more than the value entire Marcellus plus the entire reserves of the Uticaplus all of the added taxes, infrastructure and related development.

        No one has presented any numbers based on the USGS recoverable reserves yet.....since it shows it .

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