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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Jan 20, 2013 6:42 PM Flag

    More Foolishness

    As I 'll repeat, do not expect anything other than personal attacks and lies from either of them. It would be better to try to ignore them both, but as long as they continue to spread lies it's only right to defend oneself against their profligate and inaccurate posts. Keep up the good fight!

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    • Your behavior is at issue. You are responsible for your absurd behavior and endlessly misleading posts.

      Is North D oil production down as you claimed?
      Why is the emphasis on natural gas and ngl pipeline?
      Certainly not as you supposed that oil production was declining.

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      • Ok, I'll break my New Year resolution and respond to you. This is from the ND Oil and Gas website, which your cohort in crimes loves and quotes only what he thinks is positive. Note that he didn't post this month's report (but I did, over on the KOG board):

        Oct 2012 Oil 23,225,571 barrels = 749,212 barrels/day
        Nov 2012 Oil 21,992,345 barrels = 733,078 barrels/day

        Can you do the math?

        There is no "emphasis" on NGL pipelines. I merely was pointing out that more NGL pipelines are being built in the Williston than there are oil pipelines because:
        1) It is not economical to bulid a pipeline to every well in North Dakota;
        2) Rail is more efficient than pipelines are because it can carry it to more markets even though it is more expensive to do so;
        3) Pipelines are permanent; rail is not and is more flexible. IE, Rail can carry wheat, but pipelines cannot; After the surge of production in North Dakota wanes, pipelines will be underused and useless, and an expensive proposition for investors. Kudos to ONEOK to cancel a pipeline yet commit to build an NGL processor and the accompanying infrastructure.

        I never said there wasn't going to be an increase in pipeline takeaway - what I DID say was that pipelines will have a lesser role in Bakken oil transport than rail.

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