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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 21, 2013 8:47 AM Flag

    What I've Been Saying All Along

    "That is the beautiful thing about numbers. Profitability either exists or it doesn’t. Just AskChesapeake!"

    The propaganda RLP'D posted was self contradictory and as always shows just how ignorant and mindless it is.

    Now if there is already excess pipe capacity why would any one build train terminals to carry more at 10 times the cost? Why because the size of the resource is a hoax and it is declining quick?! So build more take away capacity at 10 times the cost?

    As Sand has been good enough to post ND production and takeaway are still growing very quickly even with Obama scared business to death drilling capital budgets.

    As throughout our economy EPs like all business has focused on efficiency and lowering costs rather than going into job creating full tilt growth.

    The good part of this is the cost of producing ND oil or oil anywhere in the US is coming down by huge amounts. Making it ever more economic to produce.

    SA has had to make significant reductions in their out put to maintain Brent oil prices.

    Something to think about when these completely dishonest environmentalists try to blame the 80% reduction in what fellow Americans pay for natural gas due to over production on high decline rates.

    The only really amazing thing is RLP'D would be so completely ignorant as to post it on an energy board. This is the type of brazen behavior which once resulted in tar and feathering in our history.

    But in Mom's basement these pale miscreants and would be morlocks are safe. Soon they will begin prattling about the merits of a Obama/Progressive carbon tax.

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