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  • rrb1981 rrb1981 Jan 30, 2013 3:17 PM Flag

    The Fuels America Coalition - Progressive Corny Capitalists exploiting Americans

    This is old news. Ethanol attacks elastomers. Congress doesn't need a blue ribbon panel of experts to understand that there is a limit on how much ethanol you can push through internal combustion engines that were not designed to run on ethanol gas blends.

    You can obtain this very information by going to your local yard equipment repair/parts shop. Ask them how many chainsaw carburators they have replaced, how many weedeater fuel lines they have replaced etc. The amount is staggering.

    I asked him some of these very questions while ordering some repair parts for a very high end Stihl saw that was giving me problems. He said his repair business has increased about 5x on replacement parts and repair kits and hardly any of it is from abuse or even wear and tear.

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    • So one thing leads to another. His repair biz is up a mere 5%. That isn't vbery much compared toall of the small engines out their. Hey get a electric lawn mower and weed eater. I have a gas powered stihl weed eater going over 6 years old now. No problems. But if you let the gas sit without use you will get and recieve problems. Just like letting your car or boat sit for any long period of time without running things will sag and gas will seperate.

    • Gee how about a media which is honorable enough to report the truth on Progressive corruption which has achieved nothing but hardship and destruction? Corn ethanol which was sold as a bridge to cell technology which was not technically possible.

      There is no justification for this corruption to continue none. Except Stag will do anything for money.

      Just allow natural gas conversion to compete with full disclosure.

      Our Framers and Founders trusted the American people.

      Progressives in their clear and present idiocy will not admit a mistake simply because that would be to admit the people are better at leading with common sense - then they will ever be.

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