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  • norrishappy norrishappy Feb 1, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    Good old good for nothing Bloomberg - EPA Seeks to Boost Renewable Fuel Mandate by 8.9% for 2013

    Nonsense and all Staggering the Corn Monster is proving he is shames less and therefore of no worth in civilized society.

    Corn ethanol sells for $2.46 a gallon. But it has only 60% of the energy of real gasoline but we can go with the already cut or reformulated of 66% of the energy.

    This is why alternative fuels are not measure by the gallon but gasoline gallon equivalent or gge. So as our local bumble beast corn monster knows the gge cost of his special interest crony capitalist white lightening is actually

    Already cut gasoline is $2.84. So he is attempting to confidence game Americans into paying 30% more for his product which does ware you car engines faster and destroys small engines without computer management.

    But even this dramatically understates the corruption which goes into ethanol. It is so corrosive it must be moved by very special rail car tanks. As we all know on this board, rail costs about 10 times more than pipe. Natural gas alternative can be delivered by existing pipe lines to the refinery.

    In short what the Corn Monster bumble beast does is insult the intelligence of every fellow American on this board with purposeful and shameless dissembling.

    Of course the OLB members do not what their behavior associated with proper nouns. They demand it be classified as name calling. No we call a criminal a criminal. A rapist a rapist. A Progressive crony capitalist a Progressive crony capitalist. If one day they wake up and feel a tingle of shame at what they chose to become then good.

    The CBOT corn crush measures the difference between the sales value of finished fuel ethanol and the price of corn. Because ethanol is traded in dollars per gallon and corn in cents per bushel, a conversion of prices into equal units is necessary.

    On top of every thing else including more pollution the crush spread is negative. Meaning the capital invest is economically destroyed. Nor can our corn ethanol ever match the efficiency of sugar conversion.

    One bushel of corn yields approximately 2.8 gallons of ethanol and two major bi-products, distillers dried grains (DDGs) and carbon dioxide.

    Therefore, the price of ethanol must be multiplied by 2.8 in order to convert it into a price per bushel to corn.

    The price of corn is then subtracted from the converted price of ethanol (in dollars per bushel) to obtain the corn crush.



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    • Board members...a simple question...does the monkey talker, 'talk the talk and walk the walk'....? Does he pay more for 'ethanol free gasoline' because he gets 60% more energy out of it (lol) or does he still run that dirty ethanol fuel in his vehicle...? $tagg...!

      • 2 Replies to staggman99
      • Hey how about on a natural gas board we allow the fuels to compete? Get the Progressive corny capitalist abuse of power out of the way? Just label the pumps with correct price per gge rather than allow our government to purposely deceive?

        Here a natural gas board we will spot you cleaner air which we do win and same it is the same.

        But corn ethanol does not create any net energy so it is not renewable in anyway. So there is no need to discuss the 10,000 year supply of domestic natural gas America has.

        Although we should warm Americans that ethanol blends will destroy their boat and other small engines. Fairness and honesty demands it.

        But how on earth does the OLB deluded themselves into believing the investment bumble beast claim is taken at its word by any sane American? You can dress it up with lipstick and makeup but it is still a bumble beast.

        I wanted to use the bumble beast clip with Benny Hill Music for Mr. Varney. But that did not show how we used to rehabilitate Bumble Beasts to fit in civilized society. Check out the clip.

        Abominable Snowman- A RE@CH Short Film Testimony

      • He has to run the cheaper for he has several mortgages. I am sure he has alot of weddings to go too right happy happy norris.

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