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  • rrb1981 rrb1981 Feb 3, 2013 2:58 PM Flag

    Frijole Justice - A Joke to All That America Stands For...- A true bigot runs wild RRBS


    It is pretty simple. The clowns in Mexico are infringing on other peoples rights by pulling them out of their cars, at gunpoint, throwing them in jail, putting them on "mock trial" and delivering "mock justice" all without so much as even allowing these individuals the right to have an attorney. And who gave these wretched, pitiful people the right to trample over the rights of their neighbors? It is times like these, when real men will stand up and end this foolishness.

    I fully understand that the Mexican government is corrupt and drug dealers are bad guys, but when you starting letting some machette wielding idiot who is too chicken to reveal his name decide whom is and isn't guilty based on HIS opinion, or whom LOOKS guilty and he decides to throw them in jail and put them on trial, then at that point, you have thrown out all rights of ALL men, except for his fellow cronies.

    A poorly thought out response...but something I would fully expect from uneducated bumpkins.....perhaps they should write a letter to France (assuming they can write) and ask for a guillotine so they can administer theirfrijole justice in the town square.


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    • "machette wielding idiot"

      Against criminals with AK47s and AR15? Protecting their families and communities?

      This American calls them brave and responsible.

      The FBI Versus the Klan
      Part 1: Let the Investigations Begin

      The only clown here is claiming people do not have the right to protect the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness of family and community. What part of 50,000 dead Mexican PEOPLE and complete collapse of civil authority in Northern Mexico do you not understand?

      As an American; I will always recommend our philosophy and Faith of God granting each of His unique individual creations Rights. Under these ideals from many peoples come one people. Simple ideas which take only good character; rather than peculiar minds overthrown by their college degrees, to understand.

      People with family origins in Mexico have made really great Americans. The power of ideas over everything else.

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      • Yawn.

        These Frijole vigilantes are trampling the rights of their fellow citizens. God did not give them the right to kidnap, incarcerate and try fellow citizens in a mock court without legal representation.These clowns are no better than the drug lords that kidnap and kill to further their profits

        And this has nothing to do with the klan...but nice of you to play the race very progressive of you to try and twist the facts and change the topic of discussion once it becomes uncomfortable for you.

        Wasn't it your boy Obama that provided those drug lords with their AK's and AR's anyway?

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