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  • kidsundance0100 kidsundance0100 Feb 4, 2013 10:20 AM Flag



    Made a good call long ago on oxf i see.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • I was the very first poster on the OXF board with a thread suggesting that they would not be able to maintain the distribution.

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      • Back fitting with 20/20 hindsight is truly amazing.

        Sneering should not be confused with guilty giggling. But when a poster is not honest and has no shame the only course of action is to expose their nonsense as an honest person can overcome their delusions.

        The Germans are not throwing in their towel and paying Toyota licensing fee for fuel cell technology because the process is less efficient through the entire cycle. True the initial cars will be super cars. Immediate release of energy without the heavy load of silly batteries will not be beat for performance.

        Fuel cell if it works is simply a superior technology which can meet Obama really childishly willful fuel standards. So of course it is the one technology Clown Chu cut funding and emphasis too. I had such high hopes and now given his behavior; which is different than mistakes in judgement, he can not go fast enough.

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