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  • norrishappy norrishappy Feb 12, 2013 9:00 PM Flag

    What does your statement white people are in minority in California supposed to mean then Opinions?

    "the only thing i am going to tell ypou is that i am eporting this thread just like i reported your thread with the word racist in it. looks like they deleted that/"

    Dude you link the decline in California to white people becoming the minority. If that is not racist then what else would you call it?

    Your can report the thread all you wish it does not change what we both know you did. Also, we both know rather than accept responsibility for your actions or under Freedom Speech clarify your remarks, you resort to this cowardice.

    It is a nasty part of the sickness of Progressive/Collective that ideas and ideals have pigment coding.

    If you believe like our Founding Documents that all Americans are Blessed by the Gift of Liberty or full personal agency to decide for one's self, then you would not make such outrageous statements and confirm your intent by attempting to run away.

    Human nature is constant and only a individual can decide to overcome base coding. It begins by looking in the mirror at our selves each morning and deciding who we will be. You do not have to remain the nasty piece of work you have chosen to be, for I am certain that is not what you were created to be.

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    • Now listen carefully. I am only going to answer this 1 time. You blew everything way out of context.
      Go back and read the whole reply. Then see how you took everything off track. Nor did i say that any of this was related to the economy. Now stop with your nonsence norris. You know exactly what i said and ment. You thought you could actually pull off a racist accusation inyour a typical manner with your smugg attitude but you ended up being totaly wrong. Let it go norris, now.

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      • We both know that is not true either.

        California is declining because white people are leaving? That is what you said.

        Just as bad RRBS claiming fathers and sons facing down criminal gangs to protect their families and community frijoles justice. Peons only suited to do what they are told by their 'superiors'.

        I did not fail to notice all the Progressive who assume they are the intellectual elite said nothing about that either. Not surprising as this behavior is the mark of collectivism. Self assuming elite and a delusion which forces you to insane behavior to maintain it.

        Reminds me of Obama. Corn ethanol corruption has destabilized the world and dramatically increased food prices but not a word in the address. He must really care and worry about us.

    • "Now Opinions you are not a racist of hard heart but one caused by the self inflicted poverty of ignorance."

      My comment remains as I believe it should until you American up and explain why you made such a comment.

      Purposefully posting misinformation to serve OLB politics and misleading Americans attempting to manage their savings is foul.

      But your attempt in this area was putrid.

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