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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Feb 15, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    Norris the delusional

    is now claiming he is more powerful then buffett. So confused he is. he owns a railroad and now claimes he is all powerful. This transplant to cali lunatic is finely showing the board that he has flipped. What a loser you really are. he wants credit for NRF to boot.

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    • Now now RLP'D starve human beings for Obama's corn ethanol corruption Opinions,

      I never claimed to monetarily rich. I never claimed to be an intellectual let alone an expert or the power of a speeding bullet. But it is interesting such thoughts spring into the mind of the OLB collective. Your thoughts, which clearly and greatly disturb the group think at the most emotional and deeply visceral level of id.

      In fact all I do claim is to spend time studying with contemplation so as to offer not a superior opinion but rather simply an informed and honest opinion.

      So I and fellow Americans; who strive to be our Founder's American Patriots, can properly honor our God Given right to Free Speech.

      The momes of the OLB collective hate free speech and therefore demand to be honored for self absorbed and selfish use of God's Gift as freedom of expression. You have a right to be a self absorbed primitive but no right to impose your will upon my Free Conscience.

      Oh Line is getting very interesting at these levels.

    • NRF he bought at 7 and change.

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      • Ah another black out? NRF was below $5 when I mentioned it as a speculation. Below $5.50 when the latest large buy-in of their own securities was reported.

        Now the timing of the red hot commercial market was fortuitous. But it is also reason for concern now.

        Food inflation is really starting to hit. Gasoline is over $4 in many portions of the country. Retail sales are weak and Americans are cutting back to basics again. The necessary sequester seems almost certain to go through. The economy if not negative growth latest quarter was on its knees. Even with rebuild activity after the storm slowing beginning to contribute.

        Unfortunately rather than taking out Obama's delusional crony capitalist payoffs for 'alternative energy' it will be across the board. But as the Sandy bill is not in spending calculations total government spending will not decline.

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