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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Feb 15, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

    NRF was at 5.47 august 1st 2012. Alomost wealthy norris said

    this was his last buy sometime in August. So this stock is up a measly 2.90 since last August. Know wonder you think making 16% in a year is good. Are you frinking kidding me Mr large investor? You better have at least 10K shares to make any money on the SP and divie. But then again you said you are almost rich. What does alomost rich mean norris?

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    • RLP"D devastate democratic voters for Obama corn ethanol corruption Opinions,

      Well that was my last buy. $2.90 / $5 = 58%. The $0.18 quarterly rate is 14.4% on a $5 basis.

      So this would be the lowest return on my holdings.

      Yes if I could do this all the time I would be famous. But was does my good fortune make you so anxious and angry?

      Actually the run up has been so great I will need to trim back to 5% of portfolio.

      So you believe it is end of the earth on Tuesday or earnings report for LINE?

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