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  • joetong419 joetong419 Feb 19, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

    Watch the dividend...

    if for some reason or hint there will be a dividend reduction, LINE will nosedive like CTL last week.
    Creative accounting is the issue?
    Would like to have a Big Five CPA firm give an opinion if LINE earnings inflated or overstated.
    Stock action earlier today show selling by weak holders.
    Watching if LINE can trade back 38-40 or down to 32.
    Stay tune.

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    • Nonsense. This is no discovery or anything which is hidden. It is in all the analysts estimates except for the Weil clown who changed his rating and price target from strong buy in three weeks with no additional information.

      Management guidance included light ngl pricing issues. We will see.

      LINN is guiding for a distribution coverage ratio of 1.08 times for the fourth quarter and 1.14 times for the full year.

    • Big accounting firms stake their professional and legal reputations on every quarterly report, every issue of shares and every debt issue. The finding is that LINN has excellent cash flow and credit, and it is improving as indicated by the lower interest rates they pay on each new debt issue.

    • are you a CPA? How do you know they use "creative accounting" and even if so, if it is allowed, then they should be creative. A-Holes keep trying to stir up an issue that doesn't exist. Long a strong here!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The issue isn't earnings. It has to do with false accusations about Linn's highly successful hedging, the accounting of which is exactly the same as for virtually all other MLP/LLCs. Also, Linn pays a distribution, not a dividend. And while earnings per se plays an impt. part for a stock, LINE is not a stock. It's a Limited Liability Company, a partnership with the key metric being cash flow. I find that your post is, along with being nonsensical, is highly suspect,

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      • This is going to be some conference call. A company with a huge axe to grind, they will kitchen sink this thing in a positie way. Anything they can to add to profit (legally), they will do it. They are upset.
        Zero chance of lowering dist. even if Ellis has to pay it out of his pocket. I think they will raise it personally. Sold more puts today. Now short 400 various puts, all OTM.

    • They give an opinion every time they sign off on the annual report.

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