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  • staggman99 staggman99 Feb 25, 2013 4:07 PM Flag


    Board members...In 1982 the us had 301 operating 2012 four more refineries were shut down in the US we now have 144 operating refineries in the US....fact is, we just do not have enough gasoline ( the economic law of supply and demand is prevailing)...

    Again, if we took over 10% more of our fuel out of the market place gasoline would increase a lot more than it has...fact is, gasoline will 'keep increasing in price' and some people that refuse to follow the laws of economics will keep talking silly about ethanol and not real the reason for it (we do not have enough refined fuel)...!

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    • Ethanol is simply an input stock. It does not increase refining capacity.

      In fact because of the EPA corrupting localized gasoline blends we lose 5% to 10% of our refining capacity to seasonal blend switch over and down time. Also, ethanol causes localized gas markets so rather than cheaper Midwest gasoline reaching American consumers, is exported.

      Nice try Stagg the Corn Monster Investment Bubble Beast.

      America should go to one national standard gasoline to increase efficiency. Further that standard should be methanol based to encourage real co2 reductions and co2 recycling.

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